Nov 12, 2008

at 6:29 PM

boring life~

boring boring n boring.....
every1 is telling me that they're bored...
ahem~ well of cuz im bored too haha

recently i started to ply sdo~ nice thou~~ it seems? xD
yes to my BEI, no to SNOWIE~
ahaha nywayz bei did improve..alot!
no doubt, i dn wan to ply too much, cos i ll get addicted~

no matter hw long i ply, still i would pick o2jam as my 1st choice!
7notes compare with 4....7 is much more challenging~!
haha derrick wil definately agree wif me..hi5!!
=p nt too bad,luckily i saved sum old photos in o2~ sweet sweet memory~

mum started her 2nd job few months ago...
very rush,i can tell..
mon - fri, once she get home frm kindergarten, she ll go for her 2nd job,not even half an hour...
omg..seeing her made me feel SAKIT HATI!!
hmm,no choice..we need money ><'
nvr really plan for this LONG holiday..time pass EXTREME slow when u hv nth to do,agree? me n my gang plan to lepak in jusco~ then greenbox~ then movie~ but then it doesnt really get into me....haizz....

p/s: im looking forward to the junior camp...ahaha since its for junior only.. *winkz*

1 comment:

Chea Ru Yen said...

Finally I found a way of reading your blog! Copy and paste it into microsoft words =p hehe... Well my holiday this year is damn busy!,trainings,n busy reading story books



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