Dec 30, 2008

at 1:25 PM

after results~~~~

yeapp...its over =]
well im nt telling my results here wahaha
kinda disappointed..nt satisfied at all
gratz bei,thong n pris for getting straight..
this year is nt hard..really ><
63 students of our skul gt straight A's..hmm~ tats good

getting ready for form4..comfirm going for art ady..
lolz btw..i got A for bc...
tats unbelievable.....hohooo =X mood to write le la ~~~ sob...tataz =='


Chea Ru Yen said...

Joey jie~~~
Cheer up! I dun like to see you sad.. ='(
things are gonna be alright...Jesus luvs you!^^

MidnightGurl said...

thank u my dear ru yen~~~~
=] well im fine nw....kinda..haha =X


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