Dec 23, 2008

at 11:42 PM

b4 results~

guess watt..RESULTS ARE COMING OUT~~~~~~ many dates frm every1..24th,26th,29th,30th....even 31st @@'
haha but no difference..eventually we gotta face it too!
its jus tat,im really worrying bout it..every1 seems to hv high hopes on me..
haizz...8 subs, 4A oso dunno can get anot...TT

but anyway,2more weeks to go...hols gonna end ^^
hehe i jus did hair rebond =X
thong cut her hair,rebond too! pris cut her hair..bei~ im nt sure haha =='
every1 is chging hairstyless wahahah xD
new brand us,heading to our form4 honeymoon year..hehe

stil rmb the 1st day we gt to skul.. lol all blurry facess..
i almost get lost in the 1st day.. finding the toilet *blushh*
haha time fliess =) frm A-Z....1-100.....very soon,we ll be sitting in the exam hall hving SPM..
then college,uni,...bla bla bla...

haha......well lets talk bout form4 b4 i go too far xD
i think i ll chg my take bc n ps too
no reasonss,but its jus my plan..

nth much to worry..everything is in God's matter wat results i gt,stil glories all to him =]
ahhhhhh~~~ jus ply hard study smart...all the best n good luck to ALL my frens ^^
and i do hope tat,2009 wil be a better year =DD

oh ya n to all form5' of luck for everyttthhiingg! expecially to my dearest sis ^^
form6 is nt tat bad ur best..we ll support u alwayzz~muackx! =p

last but not leasttt~~~ MERRY X'MASS!~hohoho~ jingle bell~jingle bell~lalalalaa~ *grinn*

current fav pic...^^ the ME and the YOU =p


eBei™ said...

the panda n the panda,
the me and the you,
then joey and the snowz.

eBei™ said...

n ya, i added ur bloglink into my blog page le. =D hehe snowieeee everyday~

Chea Ru Yen said...

Feliz Navidad~~~~haha Merry Christmas!!! And can't take form 4 as a honeymoon year also(my mum say one)She said that's the time that you have to consider your studies seriously and started making plans...haha...God bless you^^


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