Dec 12, 2008

at 7:04 PM

my Dec~~ =D

18days more~ and goodbye to 2008 ^^
christmas is near...yeahh~ feeling excited
rsults are coming out too!! real nervous..oh my goshh~ dream bout it alotz..T.T

dun ask me which sub i choosing..really confuse..but 80% i ll go for art stream
nt taking seni,most probably account class..suits me more perhaps

dec used to be the best month for me~~ christmas,camp,hanging out wif frens~~
but my dec of 2008 is really bored ><' hols suxx anyway tv n comp is enuff for me wahhaa.. thx snowiee for accompanying me all night ~~ lolz but no worries..i wil nvr become a panda xD my next target wil be twilight lolz.many ppl say its nice~ cant wait to watch lerhh~~~ hehe so far i finished 2 drawings with colour~ the latest 1 stil in progress lolz

haven finish my anime~~ shana 1,2 =='
bunch of'em...currently watching 'it strated with a kiss'
haha outdated movie~ xD
wat to do,im always the last to watch haha =='
after this, HK drama'ssss' @@'
hols gonna end soon~hooray~!! ^^ hw will my 2009 be~~i wonder~~
ppl say form4 is honeymoon year, no major exam,so can relaxx....
hoho~ we'll see

p/s: stil working out with my skill of drawing~~ =X


Chea Ru Yen said...

lol....wat to say.....Happy drawing?? =p haha

*God bless yoUu*

MidnightGurl said...

haaha thx lorh xD


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