Nov 11, 2009

at 3:16 PM

Officially Missing You

Officially Missing You Cover by Janice n Sonia

im learning this song on guitar ehehe =D

Nov 9, 2009

at 3:43 PM

I Feel Good~~

I got a Feeling~~
Tat tonight's Gonna be a Goodnight~~
Tonight's gonna be a Good Good night~

finally our final year exam was over!
once our last paper was collected,i sang tat song out sooo loud until my frens started to look at me 1 kind ahah =p
suffered alot throughout these 4 weeks, idea why they make it so long!
and even worse, i fall sick the other fri, and hv to resit adMaths n sivik..
real headache, sick of the papers, really!

so ive been M.I.A for quite some time ard..
lols lost touch with frens~ aww

we ve taken bck most of our papers..
and my results r going down the hill =[
or i should say ROLLING down the hill!!
sigh, kinda worried bout my position in whole form... ish

mayb God wan me to learn a lesson, nt to be... akhem, over confidence =p
haha.. bad luck this year cuz my birthday falls on exam period..
unlike previous year, always me the 1 tat gets to celebrate haha!
but thank God for the 1 day holiday LOLs
yeap, NS holiday, which was also my bday, 26th Oct =]
thou im stressed out with exams, but indeed i had a GREAT 16th birthday celebration!

me n bunch of church frens went jusco.. ehehe
yea ure right , we went for karaoke n bowling as well hahaha
here's sum of the pics..

C-R-A-Z-Y them =X

didnt noe ther were sooom any of them! Click Here Lor haha

was so touched hehe ^^ and these r the presents i got..

frm my church frens...
it has an 'E' on the shirt, so i called it the Big Head Edie =p

frm my sis, Jessie..
she gave me 1 week b4 my birthday, aduhh no more surprise lor..hahaha

frm my GodBro, Au yong.. x]
he gave me 2 weeks after my bday LOL... haha nevermind, stil i like it soo much!

love u al muchiee~!
appreciate the pressies, wishes via fs, fb, ffs, sms n so on..
and al the handshakes frm u guys, LOL

i hv sum plans for my holiday..
pray tat i can fulfill them al xP
animes, dramas, movies... here i COME!

im saving up nw for trip n camps and so on..
so i guess i cant join my frens for movies tat often ard ='[

gonna enjoy my holiday to the MAX..
and gonna bid farewell to my sweet sweet 16th , so called the honeymoon year =X

hehe, cant wait til dec! my al time favourite festival.. CHRISTMAS~
we re hving caroling this year, lols excited =p
and also genting trip with some of my chruch frens..

lol jus hope tat my results wun ruined my holiday mood~
*evil laughs*

wishing al my dear frensss who r sitting for SPM this year..
AL the BEST for ya exam and relax urself kayz
uphold everythin to God, He ll hv his wayss..
will also rmb u al in my prayer..
cya, mwahs!

Oct 9, 2009

at 11:56 PM

Miss me? =p

Ive lost my Confident
Ive lost my Passion
Ive lost my Boldness

I'm losing myself..


Sep 4, 2009

at 2:52 PM

cacated results haha

my imba results....

BM - 77
BI - 92
BC - 54
MM - 95
AdM - 50!!
SEJ - 62
EA - 80
PM - 88
SC - 86
AC - 86

7A and 3C??!
LOL stupiak, no B at all.. super imba
i did tonsss of stupid mistakes, expecially AddMaths
as for sej n bc, ive expected to get below 70
happy cuz got A for BM n Ac ^^
anyway i thank God for my results, hope to maintain / do better for final exam

hehe, muax!

Aug 31, 2009

at 2:54 PM

Farewell, my holiday =)

i used to get very down when holidays r near..
weird? yeshh haha
but ppl do chg, so do i..

time really flies, nw i complain for nt hving enuf of holidays..
tmr bck to school, getting ready for results..
ahh! i jus hate to mention it, i dun think i reali studied for this round..
exam week and yet, i on9 everyday!! =X

i went jusco last monday..
and it was the first time i see so little ppl ther lol~
due to the H1N1 virus, and puasa season haha
so me n frens went singK then McDonald then bowling..
nice outing indeed..
and then last friday, went n watch laughing gor at MBO..
again, first time in my life, i watched an 18pl movie haha
after movie we went for dinner then agape church for combine prayer meeting..and supper at A&W until 11pm++
there, another fun outing xP

in fact, i enjoy my holiday very much =)

bei jus customized her blog, chged everything
according to her, she'd spent much time on it..
to visit, click HERE

me n family planned to go kl for book fair today..
but suddenly my mum doesnt want to go.she said she's tired?
aiks... nvm, going without her is pointless lol =(
instead, i went Ming Kok Restaurant with frens this morning..
for me it's more like a branch..haha
becuz we started eating at 11am until 12.30! n im stil full ;p

i stil hv works to do..
to list them down, ther's quite alot actually
hm, anyway..

a very blessed birthday to Malaysia, Carol, and Nyet Joan!

Aug 22, 2009

at 11:00 AM

time to blog!

happy weekend!! urm, i mean..HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ^^
exam's i dare nt to imagine my results this round..aikz~

lots things happened thruout the week..
my lil zai zai died on monday ='(

im nt sure wat'd caused him to die..
i fed it cereal the previous day and omg i hope tat doesnt affect him!
miss him alot liao x'[
good thing my sis din put the blame on me~

ive gt another new record for rubix cube~
40 sec HEHE.. very lucky tat round, skipped a few steps lol

i dunno hw to spend my holiday =(
bad news, ekey nt free on sunday... means hv to postpone skating..
planned to go jusco with frens but canceled..
and it's obvious tat h1n1 had caused all theseeee to happen..
=.='' sienz

my ares broke down =X so instead i dl songs n videos with BearShare..
quite nice, but sumtimes it has probs too..

my bro is declared sick, with cough n flu..
he looked very restless, sigh
many ppl fall sick d, so plz take good care of urself yaa~
rmb tat prevention is better than cure, so drink lots coconut drinks lorh =p

i kind of lost touch with the world d.. (LOL)
i dun even noe we hv a new 50dollar note!
yst when i collected this i went all 'SAMUEL!!!!!! is this a fake note?!'


hmm so wats new in the theater?
i wana watch movie~~~

oh boy, i almost 4gotten bout my moral folio.....
teacher wana check after hol... (cry!)
i dunno wher to begin..and wat r we suppose to do? =X

i realize tat the elder i grow, the more kehendak i hv (evil laughs)
becuz my buying list is getting longer n longer~~~~~
my aunt works in a samsung company, and her company is offering handphones with very cheap price!
haha im gonna buy M110 for rm170 =D
with bluetooth camera n mp3 lol~~
thou i wanted a SE hp but well u cant find any cheaper hp with so many stuff inside lol..
but the bad news is the internal memory has only 2MB =='
and they cal it mp3 ringtones?
nvm~ =p

daddy bought a new guitar, it looks nice~ but i stil prefer metal string guitar..
anywy thx daddy~~ =)

yst i received an invitation card.. cool
to fren's bday party..
well i nvr get such invitation card b4..
i mean a proper 1.. with maps n everythin
abit excited haha....

enuf of crappin =p
so i guess i ll jus stop here
gtg church for youth service...
and YAY its a combine meeting!!
its been real long since we had a combine meeting~
looking forward to it *grin*

once again, happy holiday!! =)


Aug 14, 2009

at 6:08 PM

Aroma of the day

yay our annual cf lunch is coming soon =D
we targetted 300 crowd this year~
hopefully we can hv more lols..
so any mewah students who wana come jus let me noe =p
rm8 per person
18th of Sept at Weng Heong Restaurant..thx!

yst my name was announced during assembly..
haha nth bad happen, but i was shocked becuz i got scolarship lols~~
rm70 per month..and i thank God for this!
nw tat i hv pocket money, tuition money + scolarship xDD
perhaps i can afford the whole series of The Little Black Dress soon LOL
getting excited hehe~

p/s: new record for rubix cube, 40secs =X

to al my frens who re sitting for test/trial exam soon, all the best n good luck!

Blessed day*

Aug 9, 2009

at 3:39 PM

3 in 1

yay i can on9 ady ^^
its been realllll looooong since i last update~
in fact it's only 3 weeks hehe
but 3 weeks seem so looong for me!

17th is our, test..lols
im quite pleased with my result for the previous exam hehe
frankly speaking i haven't start doin my revision yet..
was in my lil own world these days.. lols
drama, comics, drawings, cube etc etc~
btw, ive gt a new record hehe..53secs =)

i started helping my neighbour in her studies,
she's sitting for upsr this year..
hmm kinda weak, so need to put in lots effort =X
hehe of cuz i get money too X) , so its more lik tuition..

happy nw cuz dun need to stay back tat much d,
frm nw on every1 wil be busy with studies~
and my folios =( sivik n moral..aiks

ive finished reading 'Living Nxt Door to Alice'..
nice book! and i borrowed another 1 frm Ekey, 'You're Dropped!'
haha funny storiess~
Ekey was busying with the Anual CF Lunch these days..
it's a very big thing for her, since she's the president hehe =p
+u Ekey! ^^

after the test wil be our hol again~
we planned to go city park..she ll teach me hw to skate!!
exciting huh? =D cool..

went for bible quiz at SMK Asunta last saturday..
i scored 33 out of 50 quest.. which is quite OK for me
haha cuz the quiz was in eng version, and i dont used to it~ =X
after tat we went MidVally MegaMall
window shop around n celebrated Ru Yi's bday in Pizza Hut lolz
we took some photos and i ll upload it soon~
and we managed to buy ice cream b4 we go bck hha

sis further her studies in Kedah..
she's taking foundation nw..then she ll go for Pharmacy..
will pray for her =)

basically tats wat happened these 3 weeks ^^

hv a Blessed day =)

*im craving for chocolate!*

oya b4 i 4get, im thinking of cutting my hair short~
as in til shoulder length
and i duno whether i shoud do it anot
haha so pls advice =p
^ joey fat qiao hahaha

Jul 13, 2009

at 5:44 PM


Arghhh~~~ my thighs are killing me~~TT
yst was seremban half marathon..
this year i din get medal, cuz ive lost my spirit!!

anyway i kinda enjoyed it..
im so grateful cuz bei didnt abandon me~ =p
we chatted al the way, and listened to some songs in her hp..
sumtimes it's really good to hv frens around u..
to prevent us frm thinking too much

these days sumthing is really bothering me..
im so scared to stay alone..
becuz it reminds me bout alot of things..

lets put it aside~

after running me n frens went parkson for pizza..
then we walked to t1..
6 of us bought this =p

the necklace is actually for couples..
but we bought them as a sign of frenship.. lols
the other half is a leg =p
and we promised to wear it every saturday in church =)
lols hw cute~~ X)

i had a great time last nite celebrating my frens' bday~
madeline n jenny =)

we went Hawaii Steak House..
when i look thru the menu i was lik WOW~nice price~~
lol =X i ordered the cheapest set, it cost only rm6..
reasonable rite? becuz i ordered children set haha~~
and i shared a blended mocca with frens.. yummy~ =)

the girls~

and the guys~

i reached home around 11pm..
and was exhausted..
imagine, im out at 6 in the morning and bck at 4pm..
took a nap for 1 hour and out again til 11pm lol
then i couldnt slp well for the whole night~

and i fish alot in class today~ *.*

indeed an extraordinary weekend..

A special day.........

im so blessed to hv a fren like u.. =)
becuz uve brought me hapiness..
uve given me alot wonderful memories..

this very special day,
may ur day be filled with laughter
may the finest things in life always come ur way..

13th july, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ^^

know wat? =) it's always a treat to wish happy birthday to someone so sweet~
with lots of warm wishes,frm a heart that beats...for u by me =]
wish you much pleasure and joy,
may all ur wishes come true~

come on~ hv a smile ^^

Jul 11, 2009

at 8:54 PM

those days...*aching*

those days in game....

those days in the phone...

those mommets..






Jul 3, 2009

at 3:02 PM

excited =p

hey i jus fell for rubix cube =p
recently it's lik sooo famous in our skul..
tat day i borrowed frm my fren, and i really forgot all the stps n formula ard ><'
so, thx to daddy hehe..he was soo patient with me the other day xD
and well.. so far my best record is 3.42mins.. urgh bad rite
cuz my dad can do lik in 20seconds time..real imba!

praise the lord.. so far h1n1 is still controlable.. =)
i wonder if they ll cancel sban half marathon ? lol
mummy was kinda worried, she asked us better nt go..
but aiks.. i guess by tat time it wont be so serious ady lor~ perhaps..
cuz.. it is really gonna be a big day for me X) hooray!

results were out yst~~
it dropped ==' this time i got the 2nd place, shekinah got 1st..
i compared our markah purata and i was lik WOW SO BIG DIFFERENCE??
haha ==' hers is 79.+ and mine is 73.8 urgh..
she is really smart! i think i better study hard for nxt round and be sure to score better xP

yesterday we, the upper formers went to the hall..
i duno wat should i call tat.. pameran? nope.. ceramah? nono...
erm.. there were those ppl who came frm diff college,to promote their college..
we ll hv tat once every year.. and woahh~~ there really are many choices!!
i went round n round with Ekey to search for courses we re interested in until we were late for class ==''
when we got in, whole class were looking at us..embarassing~
she went all "woah u both take so long, very interested eh?" in a sarcastic way~~ =X
Ekey wana be a counselor..2nd choice would be, so ambitious hehe
i dun hv an ambition..except those stupid ones we normally had during primary skul..
teacher doctor scientist blah blah lols
but so far, my choice is art & design xP thou my art wasnt very good yet..
tats wat got me soo excited yst.. hw thrilling!
i cant stop talking bout it to my mum =p
p/s: sorry for the exaggeration hehe
one academy is kinda cool..any comment? =)

gosh..i really cant wait to graduate...i smell future~~oh yeah~~~~

haha, mind me

Jun 26, 2009

at 10:28 AM

wats up? =)

good morning!
lols i skip my class today cuz overslept =='
anyway i heard my frens said tat they re hving gotong royong today,
no big deal i guess X)

i jus saw msn news, saying tat Michael Jackson died!
i was lik WOW~~ he really died? O,o
no comment la, cuz i dun really lik him oso

i gt bck al my exam papers,n i would say tat im quite satisfied with it..
nt very good thou, but sumhw i manage to maintain my results..was average
this round my adMaths 47 only zzzz, but lucky cuz i passed =X
and A1 for Acc LOL! miracles rite? xD i failed in my previous test de lerhh~~~
oh yeah~ hehe

Our scout campfire was held last saturday..and i LUV the gadget lols!

cool huh =)

recently i was soo addicted to facebook haha..
until ive neglected frenster XP

Jun 14, 2009

at 12:28 PM

end of my holiday =)

youth camp was held on 8th - 11th june at MBS training centre, Rawang..
it was really a nice camp! thx to Rev. Daniel n Rev. Stephen..
had great fun thr.. =)

200bux for the camp was nt a waste..i knew i wouldnt regret! haha
it worth to max really~ lol
our group Gideon got 1st~ flag was done by kelly (thx!)

nw tat i hv a better relationship with my church buddies..
ive become a stronger christian, and getting closer to god..
i felt his presence being with al of us.. it is good to trust in the Lord =)

ther's no promise too hard for God to fulfill
ther's no prayer too hard for God to answer
ther's no problem too hard for God to solve
ther's no soul God cannot save

yea god hears my prayer =)

i also learned a new game called 'Mafia' haha
we ply it when we were on the way back to seremban
lols thx to those seniors who taught me the game =p
indeed fun X)

friday night i went ccj's hs to celebrate his 17th bday~
haha at 1st we planned to give him a surprise!
too bad we failed to =='
lols n we introduce the Mafia game to them as well.. we had a great time together~

today is the last day of our holiday..
i got soooo upset last week cuz didnt make it to hang out with my school gang =(
but at least i got to join my church frens yst hehe~

me n sis went The Store, then T1..and took bus to jusco to meet them..
they watched 'Drag Me To Hell'.. while waiting for them me n sis went greenBox for 30mins jus to sing few songs haha X)
after lunch we decided to go home n get ready for our night service at 7.30pm..
it was then one of the senior sms my sis n asked us to join them at parkson for bowling..
4 of us went parkson while the others stay at jusco..
-.-' i dunno anythin bout bowling seriously
so i planed to sit n watch them ply..+ i dun hv enuf money ard =X
wel, eventually i ply too cuz sis paid for me xD muax!
so there were 9 of us..4guys vs 5gals..and duh..the guys won xP

i cherish my time with my frenss..
2 weeks of holiday is enuf for me =)
thou i hate to go bck to skul for my RESULTS!! TT
but i couldnt imagine staying at home for few more days doing nth..zz
i nvr regret going for camp, cuz ive really learned alot..

omg i forgot to find new songs for choir!
gonna be real dead this time TT
any idea?


Jun 7, 2009

at 4:33 PM

how long more....

1 more week n we ll be going back to school again..

it's been real long since we last met..hmm, one month ago??

could hv met u.. but we seemed to hv no chance..

perhaps the next holiday?

but... hw long will it take?

Jun 3, 2009

at 11:14 AM

beginnnig of my hols =)

back frm cf camp yesterday~~
hehe the camp was fun =D
games were great..
place was nice..
washroom + dorm were cleann~
food was yummy!
speakers were good n thank God for tat, i learned alot! =)

omg i miss the beach soooo much!!!!
we were supposed to go again in the 2nd morning but canceled =(
was very disappointed hmmmm~
but the 1st day i had a good time at the beach..
well if i didn't get bullied i guess i ll hv a better time -.-'
LOL anyway, it's really fun to be with themm ^^
will get camp pics frm frens n upload nxt round =)

my sis REGRETTED for nt going for the camp haha
yst when i got home she showed me her new pet!
it's a mice WOW~~
white body long tail red eyes.. small in size OMG SO CUTE!!
so i asked if i could share with her, she agreed! hw nice =D
of cuz i had to pay half of the prize oso la haha -.-''

took some pics~

woah long body =p

so cute!!

hard to capture with it in my hand, he's hyper! -.-'

haha i bet no1 could guess it's name~~
cuz i named it ZAI ZAI (仔仔) xDD

he actually huggg his tail while sleeping X)
enjoy staring at him haha =p


guess wat, i jus killed a COCKROACH!! 15mins b4 i started this post...
dang it! i felt lik crying at tat time cuz nobody's at home! ='X
really jumped up when it suddenly came out frm the corner..
i was lik OMG n didn't know wat to doo!
i knew i cant jus let it go off lik tat..
usually when we see a cockroach we ll just run n hide in the room n let mum do the killing lol ><'
instead i ran n get SHIELDTOX! kept spraying n spraying
thank God i aimed it right cuz i didn't even dare to open my eyes haha -.-'
omg it looked scary even when it's dying..serious! geli..eww~!!

at tat moment my heart beaats real fast.. X'(

oh yea, i killed a cockroach for the 1st time in my life!


planned to go out on fri but canceled *sigh*...
sry snowiee n frens =(

May 29, 2009

at 5:55 PM

lame haha ignore this xD

cant wait to go to the beach nxt monday! =D

got back few papers
so far so good =)

below r few of my lame pics hahaha
took them right after the exam xD

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

i noei noe they're really lame T^T

was jus bored



p/s: happy birthday to cik chang n eliii ^^

May 22, 2009

at 5:08 PM

unexpectedly O,o

i fainted in school!!

alright, this time i ll make things short n sweet~!


was ill in skul, so i rushed to the washroom n before going down the stairs..

i started to see things double n fainted outside the classroom..*_*

i cant even open my eyes, then i heard ppl shouting 'cikgu! ade org pengsan!'

@@' so they carried me to the counselor room..

teacher then called my sis... she didn't go to school cuz of diarrhoea

thank god! or else i ll be suffering in school =X

vomited, and had diarrhoea too~!

i looked extreme pale, teacher was kinda shocked

it was 9.15am when i fainted, and i stayed in the washroom for 1h+!

cant believe it -.-''

sis fetched me home and i didnt get to sit for pjk paper !!TT

hope i can take it next week..getting a 0% will definately drop my results..


and guess wat? my bro had diarrhoea in skul too..

skul called mum n she rushed back frm work n bring him~

then came home to make sure if i am okay~

and went back for work again.. *touched* lols

suspected we had food poisoning.. but it seems tat im the worst zz

p/s: i still think tat this post is kinda long, crap alot! Xp

im alright now, and really thx to those who helped me =p
n especially my sis who took care of me this whole day~~
thx to those who text me jus nw, appreciate it =)
and snowiee~ thx for calling ^^

May 16, 2009

at 12:03 AM

part of our life..

yay bc papers were over! =p
hmm i can say ekonomi asas was easy..
others were OK, and i heard i got only 25/30 for rumusan..
='( becuz i forgot to chg the 'kesan' to 'implikasi'...
sigh..5 marks gone!!
and the worse part is bina ayat, out of 6 i only ans 2..z! tats 'fikir' n 'gitar'..
ha...ha =='
no doubt,my bm sux al the while =X
nxt week is gonna be really tough...but eventually we ll hv to go thru it, right?

exam is jus part of our life, it doesn't matter whether results good or bad,
al i know is ive done my best, n leave the rest to god

after exam syok le~~ 2 weeks hols wahahaha~~
looking forward to cf camp n youth camp =p
yea, going for camp is always part of my holiday~
i never want to miss them! =)

hmm, time flies, its May now and almost half a year is gone..
i enjoy being with my classmates.. they re always optimistic..
hehe, they can jus share everythin n laugh al they want..even it embarass them..
and they can say 'i didnt study wor' without feeling shameful..
im nt talking bout hw lazy n hw silly they are, but the way they see things,always positive..
most importantly, they're being themselves..
rather than living with a bunch of hypocrite...
they said they didnt study, but the truth is shown on their panda eyes..
they acted like they care about u, but they backstab u n think bad about u..

no offence, guys =)
im lucky cuz so far nobody did al tat to me.. xD (i guess?)
wat i can say is, if i were to choose, i would definately choose to be with those who're real..
failure doesnt cost a life, so it's never any good bottling things up..
got me? =)
actually ther's one girl in my class, who hated me sooo much n i couldnt figure out WHY!!
well, i knew her since form1 and frm tat year on, she just wont talk to me nicely..
urm, yes when she's in a super good mood, no when she's
if im nt mistaken, i nvr really quarrel with her b4..
sumtimes i jus say wat is right and when she's wrong i CORRECTED her..
so, is there anything wrong? could it be my straight forward tat hurted her? or..sumthing i said tat offended her?
whenever she sees me, she start giving me al those irritated look, like i stole her bf or wat..
==' and i felt lik going after her and ask wat in world is happening n wats with all her annoyed faces..but i couldn't, or else i ll be in BIG trouble...
wel forget bout the trouble thingy and yea she doesn't hv many frens..
she loves to grab people around her and those 'lil kitty' wil never dare to fight back,if u noe wat i mean zz..
and wow, she always talked bout me to my frens..
bad stuff of cuz.. (tats wat my frens told me)

to be frank,sumtimes i really dislike her..
but i never hate her..
i always try to be nice to her, talk softly to her but she never even wan to look at me -.-'
first time met these kinda ppl..seriously !

bible teaches us to love our enemies~ i guess i did =p 80% at least?

wooh its midnight nw~~ i jus came back frm jusco..
few hours ago was my bro's birthday xD
so we went to celebrate..
he's a lucky lil boy cuz every1 sayang him alot! =X
me, sis n mum bought Ben 10 Alien Force vol2 for him.. lol tats wat he wanted al the while!

aunt bought him a school bag which costs 70bucks+!
(cant take pic cuz i dun even know wher's the bag nw ==')
another aunt of mine, known as the MOST GENEROUS AUNT ( xD) bought..

*drum rolls~*


OMG this is exactly WAT I WANTED, i wasted SOO much time on9-ing and dl episode by episode frm youtube jus becuz i couldnt save money to buy this..
and hw many innocent blank disc ive wasted..TT ( wat to do, pc noob here =p)
man, i was really happy...
*blush* more like my present isn't it? xD
my sis love this TOO~~
hoho! envy? xDD

see~? im excited! hw bout u? =p

haha well, anyone wan this, i can burn for u.. =)
bring me 3 blank disc and u ll hv The Great Collection of Studio Ghibli~!

Ask and u shall be Given! (Ekey's quote hehe~)

lets see,14 days of hols....
6 days for camps,
2 days for frens,
1 day for church,
and the rest, for dvd! X)

i bought a note book in jusco jus nw..
it's not jus an ordinary notebook..



i wonder when wil i use it..
probably 1 year,2 years, or mayb 5? xD (exaggerated)
might use this as my diary too~ =p

anyway..WHO CARES?!
akhem, i gotta go sleep ard..
thou im known as the MidnightGurl (kononnye~)
but, robot oso need rest gua~~ XO

this could probably be my longest post..
thx for those who re patient enuf to read them al~ =)
n i apologize for the bad quality pics..taken with my webcam O,o

aites, goodnight buddies =)


May 10, 2009

at 8:38 PM

moving on

do re mi~~ jie jie in da house! =p
glad to hv her again ^^

Happie Mothers' Day to ALL the MOMs IN THE WORLD~

below is the DIY card made by my 9-year-old lil bro~

kinda amazed by his drawings ahahah
thou it's nt PERFECT..but u noe wat, he spent the whole morning hiding in my room n do lol~
sis n i bought a t-shirt for mummy~
she's kinda touched by the card n present n yea I LOVE U MUM =)


to snowiee,

we promised each other nt to face pc so much =p
soo~~ study smart n al the best for ur exam too!
twink *

xYx yXy

May 8, 2009

at 4:53 PM

never ending zz =='

so! exam is here again..
shouldnt hv use 'merdeka' as the title of my previous post xD
becuz..the war is about to start again!

well, i registered for the bible quiz last week..
it's suppose to be held this afternoon...
but sum of 'em requested to postpone til after exam..
was a good news thou, cuz i really hv no time to read..yet ='X

i jus came back frm skul n it's 5pm nw..
had a prize giving ceremony for english essay competition in bilik kuliah..
so i presented the song 'Moon River' by Henry Mancini..
accompanist was JingYi..

teacher asked to present jus few days before..
i wasn't really prepared.. lol becuz i never sang solo before!!
teacher expected a very good performance, duh..
when we practiced,she said tat my pronunciation is abit off =p n nt loud enuff...
zz wat to do! i hv stage, lack of confidence of cuz..

i sang quite a few times in front of Ekey (ezreena) today n she said was nice hehe~
so, when it was my turn to present, i was really nervous!
becuz there're students frm other schools too..
al the judges for tat competition, teachers, n VIP were in front of me..
i was shivering n i could feel the sweat on my palm..
it is suppose to be a sentimental called -.-'
but i sang it quite fast, ( =p ) my voice shivers alot!
as i caught the sight of pn.wong, sumhow i relaxed abit..lols

the whole thing was OK, but i could do better... =(

exam is on 13th May(wed) and end on 25th May (mon)
last subs r sej n account.. HA..HA... =='
in fact, i nvr really do my revision.. suddelny lost tat passion to study..

sigh..anyway, sis is coming home tmr~~~~! =DD
and tmr, again, wil be a busy day for me..

i might go for a SUDOKU competition in HELP college around July..
john told me bout it and im nt sure whether to go fot it or not..
3 in a group, each in different game..
i nvr try doing 3 sudoku in 30mins.. O,o..(according to wat he told)
well, mayb i should give it a try.. who knows we can get 1st prize n win cash xD
or mayb it's jus my dream =p

1,2,3,4,5...5 days left and YEA GOOD LUCK!

p/s: in luv with the song Think Of Me sang by ARCHY!


Apr 30, 2009

at 3:30 PM

merdeka!!! =D

yay!! finally everythin's back to normal ^^

yst was our marching competition..we got 2nd!! yeaah~ =D
jus fine for me~
nyet joan got the best commander~gratz =)
thou i dislike her sumtimes, she still deserve it ^^
God is indeed a great God, he always give me the best! =D
he provides everythin, and nvr fails me..muax =p

yst morning was super duper hot..the sun burns! and im tanned zz..
we reached seremban around 3.30pm after the competition..
i went to sin hua straight, cuz my primary skul choir teacher asked me to go back n see them practice..
nxt wed is their competition for daerah..
they were really good~! wish them luck! ^^

i came home around 5.30pm and cant find my key, dropped it sumwher =X
so i waited outside until 6.30pm mummy came back..
tired to max and im nw sick =(

this morning was really ill, had headache n flu n cough n sore throat @@'
planned to skip skul but VERY BAD cuz tmr no skul..
meaning i ll hv triple of workss to get done by monday if i din go skul.. =(
ive skipped no choice, ate panadol n went for skul..

better nw, stil with flu n cough..
anyway, nxt nxt wed is our mid term exam..
scary~! time fliess...................

mountains of homework waiting for me =X
betta go
see ya! =)

Apr 23, 2009

at 2:46 PM

scouts...again?!?!?!?! URGH !

scout marching competition for state level is on nxt wed..
they're obviously lack of ppl..
and im being forced to join back..

this morning i was hving my maths class, minky came n find me..
she said cik zalilah wana see me.. so i knew its bout marching..again..

she(cik zalilah) said i dun hv excuse to escape d cuz choir is over..
and wth, i hate ppl compare me with my sis..
she said my sis is more positive..and her koko marks very high..bla bla bla.. i REALLY tat bad??

so no choice, i went for training..
meaning to skip class..and march with my skul uniform on...

worse stil, i HAVE to pay rm27 for tat stupid kawat shoe..!!!!!!!
im sooooo nt going to tell my mum this..she really is going to kill me!! ive gotta poke another big hole on my purse..

one more thing..nxt wed is our class sketch on english day..
im suppose to be the narrator..
for goodness sake! once again i hv to choose 1 between the 2..
oh nonono..i should say im FORCED to quit sketch...wat the..
sob......they've choose someone else to replace me...
*hurt* ='(

todae ive missed my moral, BM, maths n eng class..

things to get done TODAE~~ :
1.homeworkSS list for cf tmr
3.remind john to bring his guitar for me!
4.find transport to church tmr night =X
5.another song list for saturday night
6.inform musicians! (important~~)

p/s: got 3rd for choir

alrite, gotta go...
wish me luck! TT


Apr 17, 2009

at 8:11 PM

nanana...on the way =)

tmr is our choir competition! =D
wil be going to SMK Senawang..
and marching competition in our skul too..
i wish all of them good luck! thou im no longer member of the team *sigh*

got our results ard...i did improve..
mayb cuz subs r easier compare with sc students..

stupid account...39 9G 0 GAGAL

aiks! no more failing this coming mid term exam..i hope!

recently our maths teacher changed again...
really dun und y things kept on chging...swtz..
its a malay man..haha and i heard he's ard 40+
OMG he doesnt look lik any other 40yr old man OBVIOUSLY!
bliff it or nt..lolzzz
anyway who cares......==''''
i dun understand a single word he said ><' i would prefer him to talk in BM,seriously.. and..he cant stop writing on the board n b4 we could understand, he rub it off.. well, i do not wan to exaggerate nor to talk bad bout him.. we all understand, he's still new afteral lolz kinda friendly, funny guy... but the thing is...


we simply cant get him..he used 1 whole period trying to make us understand a simple 'tree diagram' zz...

daddy mummy didnt plan to go n visit her this week~

its really a sad thing she cant celebrate it!
she used to hv a happy time every year~~
so i came up with a plan..
lols tats to go without telling her..hehe
hoping.....yes....hoping tat dad wil hv free time..
perhaps he can cancel off some of his students..
and i jus cant wait to see her expression..
hw exciting! ^^

tmr night i ll be going for chan wa campfire
gonna be a tiring day~
anyway for the comp, win or lose is no big deal..
jus to explore round =p

God Bless!

Apr 12, 2009

at 9:03 PM


i love hillsongs!! =D
yea~ so in love with it.. *rejoice* =p

had our SEGAK test few days ago..
and OMG i cant even do a proper sit up...
==' as in 1 complete sit up without legs moving lols
i usually did it on my bed..
haha and it's soo much different doing on the concrete floor =p
but well the test is nt exactly sit i passed O.o

sis went back for camp d~
enjoy having her around these days =)

(visited her last week)

(brothaa n sistaa =D)

*buzz buzz*
i'm stucked in PA again...*SIGH*

Apr 6, 2009

at 3:11 PM

shocking news! yet im loving it~!

today itself, i went thru the UPs and DOWNs...

of cuz, it was the downs before the ups

so there was a really shocking news this morning..
the date of our marching competition is changed..AGAIN..
and it's clashing with choir..

i ran all the way to find our commander..
and she replied :" Mr. Wong said u guys hv to quit choir..i ve no choice oso"
well, with one of her rather irritated look..
i felt lik SLAPPING HER!really....
i cant stand her giving me such impression and such look everytime..
as if!

sobs..i said nothing..turned and walked away..
i could feel my tears coming down..
i felt stupid, wondering WAT actually makes me SOO wanted to join kawat in the 1st place??
despite the fact tat sumtimes i did enjoy with them..uh huh..
so i went back to class..with eyes red..
no more choir? wat?? no more singing?? hw can this happen to me...

it was PA.. cik zalilah saw me and asked wats wrong..
since she's our koko teacher, so i tot of asking her whether or nt i can go for choir instead of marching..
she explained to me..bla bla bla..
and conclusion = no..
i even tried to find ppl to replace me for kawat..
none of them say yes..(as wat ive expected)

i didnt plan to stay back for training today..
mayb should say i dun feel lik see her for tat few hours..
anyway, i told ezreena..i pray tat god will open doors for me..
perhaps the date could jus chg a lil..n nt clashing with others..

im nw here at home and about 30mins ago..
i got a msg frm her (commander)

and guess wat..
'Joey, bout the competition,i noe u're very commited to i already find someone to replace you :) '

reading the 1st part of it, i tot she was going to apologize..
nvr expect her to let me go for choir!!
this is jus...AWESOME!!
thank god.. and yea, thank u nget joan..
being understanding..for the 1st time!

ther's always rainbow after the rain (broken xD)
thx to my frens who comforted me..and hear me complain lols
i noe u al care bout me!

(v) silly =p

Apr 4, 2009

at 11:41 PM

crap =X

hellooo pepz~
back blogging =D

another week is gone...yea,another week without jie ='(
visited her last Sunday with aunts,mummy n bro~
omg the weather ther is hot..really veryy hot..
sis said it ll be very cold at nite,especially when it rains..
she was sick the other day but was nw cured =p

anyway, im bored nwdays cuz she took her mp3 back sobzz
so~~ im going ther again with family tmr~ =D
miss jie alot.. she's coming home by nxt week for 4 days

i skipped kawat for 2 weeks ard~
due to some probz..part of it was caused by laziness xD
(i hope she's nt reading this lol)
my frens said i look fairer nw and OMG IM SOO HAPPY BOUT IT!
but wat to do..i stil hv to go back for kawat haiz

lucky competition is nt clashing..
before the time was changed, our class sketch is clashing with choir competition (22nd of April)
i was worrying, cuz i wanted sooo much to take part in the sketch
lol teacher said those who take part wil nt hv to prepare for oral,and tat she ll give us high marks! wohooo~ xD
anyway thx ezreena for giving me the chance ^^

choir comp is chged to 18th of april,which is a saturday..
kawat comp for negeri is 15th..tats if we won in daerah..nt sure bout the date yet =X
and sketch is 22/4 ^^
i heard tat the scout campfire in chung hua is on the 25/4..excited!!

mon tues wed hv to kawat in the morning WTH i dun lik to skip classes..
NOOBIEZ! .......
haiz need to trouble ezreena to jot down notes for me ard ><'
and HAIZ i ll be dark again?..

april fool is sooo nt april fool..
haha nth happened in class..boooo-ring..
but i kena fooled by ppl during the practice..things which i concerned much..
example: my specs...cracked?

lol oh ya pepz! our very own youth camp wil be held on the 8th-11th of June!

Venue : MSB Recreation & Training Centre, Rawang
Camp Fees : RM 230 (inclusive of Accommodation, Meals & Transportation)

* Less RM10 discount for full payment made before 17th May,2009
* Full camp fee to be paid up latest by 24th May,2009, otherwise Deposit(RM50) will be forfeited and no reservation will be made for you..

any1 interested..let me noe! =D (yeap any1, as long ure a youth)
promise u it's gonna be FUN!
the place is really nice, with badminton court, swimming pool, big hall, etc etc =p

well again, jus let me noe alrite ^^

the form~

dad promised to let me go for drum lessons by May!
omgosh omgosh...excited! =DD
i wanted to go for it for soo long ard..~~~
and and~~ my aunt said tat she ll help to pay 50% of the camp fee for both me n sis ^^
it's a blessing...thx~~

lol i crap too much =p

stop here~

Mar 23, 2009

at 4:37 PM


the sub that i worried the most has finally returned back..

and..guess wat?
yes..i failed my PA ..

39%..the worst result i ve ever get..
not that i didnt study..
i did! i pay attention in class, i study b4 the test ( nt much thou =X)
anyway, why not 40??
if only i hv enuf time to check..if only i see my mistakes..if only i count it correctly..if only i didnt mix up the sign..if only i spend a lil bit more time to study..jus abit!...if only........

well frenzz..i dun need any1 to comfort me..nor to cheer me..really!
i noe i noe i hv to look forward..i noe its jus a test..
yeap,i noe..i wil study harder nxt time for sure..
all these i ve been telling ppl but hw bout me myself??

gosh..i really duno wats my feeling nw..nt sad..nt angry..then wat?
probably ive disappoint myself..

of cuz,i ll try my best nt to fail nxt round,but nobody can chg the marks rite?
39...1 more to WILL be printed out forever on the paper..
isn't it?

it's really better to burst n vomit it all out..than to keep inside my heart..
felt lik tearing the paper into half...nt jus HALF!! into PIECES!!! =='

anyway..its really my fault..
so..lolz dun worry,i wun do stupid things xD
lik wat bei told..we go thru ups and downs..
or else, life wouldnt be colourful..
rigghhtt?? =D

yeap..better now..thanks blogspot!

xYx <3 yXy


Mar 22, 2009

at 10:48 PM




而且常打英文有点闲~ (虽然本人的华语不太好..不准笑!)


纯粹写爽..掰咯 =D


Mar 21, 2009

at 10:58 PM

happy....and sad as well~!

yeshh got my new specs =DD
its in pink and oh yeahh~ no more ah ma specs ahaha xD
but stil i haven got used to it,..
my power has increased~~ to 200+
anyway at least i wun feel embarassed with the new specs,well..not so..LOLs =X

hey its me! (xD) kinda cacat. still =='

hols' ending soon~
i haven finish my folio yet! TT
n my list for john...~~
pretty boring this week..

went jusco with frens on tues, kinda disappointed..becuz.....ish ishh ='(

anyway i did enjoy during the greenbox time lol~

(xin yun :: me :: joyce :: poh ying :: minky ...and bei taking pic~ lol)

went jananie's hs on wed for her burfdae party~
(more lik a gathering with cake)
sry jananie! but this is exactly hw i felt lols -.-'
anyway,hppie belated bday for nw haha~

and thurs~ happie buffdae to andrew lols~!
my sis got him a lil turtle n he named it JA SHE ( my sis O,o)
haha i wonder hw is 'she' nw? =p

say hi to the lil ja she =DD (sry to steal ur pic andrew xD)

here comes FRI! my sis is gone for NS nw...
sigh...home is extreme quiet without her~
the time she left,we embraced..and i was biting my lips..trying my best nt to let my tears ROLL DOWN!!!
for goodness sake, i hv to lik turn the other side to rub them off..
jus feel very uneasy without her sleeping in the same room with me,without her asking me hw's everythin,and stuff...sob...
man~~ lets chg topic..
or else im gonna cry again...ish!


wat else?
lols duno hw to cont..stop here lol ><'
(ending suggested by xiang xiang) xDD
dun und? NVM hehehehe~~

*happy schooling!*

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