Jan 17, 2009

at 11:59 PM

2nd week of all =D

yoooo~~im here to crapp againn~ xD
2nd week is far more better than the 1st..
we had our merentas desa on Wed..(14/1) and guess wat,i got number 18...amog the 200+ girls!
its kinda unbelievable for me!! =D *muscle paining*~
haha but it worths!

thurs was hard..i made decision to join scout..n of cuz kawat too
all thx to minky ==' lolz
since my parents dun really encourage me to join,so i hv to pay for all the yuran by myself...ALL... =='
nxt thing to worry about is my scout uniform.....URGH

teacher gave us add maths quiz on friday..
i got to ans all the 6 quest correctly n got a cop frm teacher~~ yeahh~~~ =DD
after skul was bz + rush..
CF n choir clashhh..both at 12.45pm...so i go for CF for 15mins..then choir..
n yea..2pm sharp i left..n go for kawat...
stupiak me 4got to bring cap~~ and it was a SUPER DUPER HOT day....
4.30pm i walked home..under 'the eye of heaven'...lol
kena sunburnt..n my whole face turn red TT

okokk i noe ure getting bored...haha so cut the story short..=p
i skip saturday skul coz i overslept =X
was doing homework frm 12am - 2am...so...wat to do....haizz
church was fun..the 1st time hving cell group in youth,n the 1st time being a teacher...
hmmmm nth much to sayy ady~
sickening week...flu-ing + tiring..

i was bored actually so tot of writing this post..

oh yaa..below is my 2nd drawing with colour!!

*colouring was bad..sobs

p/s: missing sdo...

*^+ X + Y +^*
JoJo aka YeeYee


eBei™ said...

X+Y.... ==
u noe wad....
i really speechless bout tat...
anyway, gudluck in form4 life..xD

Chea Ru Yen said...

Lol... Why suddenly switch to scouts? Bored with PBSM?? wahlau you have to buy th uniform again wor~~~


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