Jan 9, 2009

at 5:25 PM

the very 1st week

the 1st week is always the toughest for me...
we re the 4th formers nw...uh huh..the so called upper form lol
1st day is really hard for me,whether to choose sc?or arts..as wat ive plan
the very last day of hols,sumhw,i hesitated...
probs jus came to my mind suddenly..
i prayed..ask God to show me his way...
yeap,i ve choosen art =D
things doesnt seems bad afterall..
of cuz,i felt strange in the 1st few days..
no frens,no mood,no nothing...i jus miss my old buddies lotz!

subs are freshh for me...
nt all,add maths,at least
haha jus gt our 1st lesson for add maths today..
its fun! really..if u hv interest in it lol~~
teacher went on so damn fast ==' gotta study ourselves,with lotz ex =D

my current seatmate is Ezreena =] a very steady girl,for those who noe her..
and a good fren of mine..
she's always with her story book! ahh... haha....
my class has 16boys n 32 girls....shocking? well this is normal for our skul =p
but this can reduce noises too! nt too bad huh O.o

many of them frm other classes last year,most of my frens are in sc class...
seeing them with own buddies in the same class,made me felt lonely...really..
nt every1 is comfortable with a threesome..most of them,i suppose...

i love recess time...the only 15 mins tat i can meet with my frens =]
hmmm,but at least i got to noe sum new frens in my class...
perhaps we can get along together easily ^^

this year will be busy with societiesss~~catching up in studiess~~~~ etc etc
i do hope i can do well in the 1st test.. aim high,work hard..
tats wat lead to success~~

all the best guys *wink* ^^


theang said...

too bad for you~ got to get into a new environment. but this scenery is common for human as we gotta meet new ppls and make more friends~

Baldwin said...

nice of u to pop by my blog =)

hope this new year brings u much more joy then last year & tht the Lord would bless u in ur studies.

MidnightGurl said...

thxx =]


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