Feb 1, 2009

at 12:42 AM

new year hols

so....another week is gone nw =)
a short yet meaningful week................
hehe O.o

hw was my reunion dinner?
was great..but the preperation was tiresome..

LOOK!! omgoshh...i didnt noe tat the head was sharp..
serious =='

u noe..those prawns are brainless..so i wonder wat were all those things in it...
it was...yuckish!

how dreadful!!those orange+yellowish creamy liquid dripping down..
as thou im bisecting a human's brain...EWW!!

and below were those headless lil creaturessss....><'
p/s: i was boredd xDD

poor thing..kinda disgusting thou.. O.o

lolz i dun expect them to be lik this..doesnt look nice at all ><'

tat was for reunion dinner..

i was real tired the whole week..
out at 10am..back at 10pm ==
almost everyday..haha

i did enjoy..especially on wed n fri =p
but the thing is,i haven finish my homeworks lol
cant find the reference book..sobb

lazy cont~~
im down today..dun ask y..
jus drop by to share my prawnss hehe =p

miss u lotz*

wat a week =)

1 comment:

Arnan Koh said...

Prawns... I did 36 prawns on Saturday.. It is easier if you use a cooking scissors.

By the way, 10am to 10pm is nothing much... wait till you have tried 6am to 2am...

hope you are having fun...


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