Feb 8, 2009

at 10:53 PM

sukan sukan sukan aa~ =X

xD haha yeap we got keseluruhan 1st for sports day~
was very happy coz at least i did help =p
teacher put me in 100m,4x100m,4x400m n 3000m
i got 2 bronze only..for 4x400 n 3000m...
since this was my 1st year to take part in it..(terpaksa de~ ==')
but i was grateful coz i didnt noe i can actually get medals hahas

hehe =p

*btw it was held on the 6th Feb,at Stadium Paroi*

my muscle paining again...sobs,nt enuff warm up i guess..
but it worth isnt it? xD
after the last acara of mine, which was 4x400, i almost faint..
i mean i AM fainting..
got help frm pbsm..the ground of the stadium was HOT
my feet is burning..but thank God it wasnt very serious.. *twink*

i walked back frm skul to home..very tired..
and im getting darker! even my mum got shocked...
i ll be extra dark after the marching competition..

monthly test c'ming soon,so as the chess competition..
i prayed tat i can do well in everything.. praise God for everything =)


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