Mar 23, 2009

at 4:37 PM


the sub that i worried the most has finally returned back..

and..guess wat?
yes..i failed my PA ..

39%..the worst result i ve ever get..
not that i didnt study..
i did! i pay attention in class, i study b4 the test ( nt much thou =X)
anyway, why not 40??
if only i hv enuf time to check..if only i see my mistakes..if only i count it correctly..if only i didnt mix up the sign..if only i spend a lil bit more time to study..jus abit!...if only........

well frenzz..i dun need any1 to comfort me..nor to cheer me..really!
i noe i noe i hv to look forward..i noe its jus a test..
yeap,i noe..i wil study harder nxt time for sure..
all these i ve been telling ppl but hw bout me myself??

gosh..i really duno wats my feeling nw..nt sad..nt angry..then wat?
probably ive disappoint myself..

of cuz,i ll try my best nt to fail nxt round,but nobody can chg the marks rite?
39...1 more to WILL be printed out forever on the paper..
isn't it?

it's really better to burst n vomit it all out..than to keep inside my heart..
felt lik tearing the paper into half...nt jus HALF!! into PIECES!!! =='

anyway..its really my fault..
so..lolz dun worry,i wun do stupid things xD
lik wat bei told..we go thru ups and downs..
or else, life wouldnt be colourful..
rigghhtt?? =D

yeap..better now..thanks blogspot!

xYx <3 yXy


Mar 22, 2009

at 10:48 PM




而且常打英文有点闲~ (虽然本人的华语不太好..不准笑!)


纯粹写爽..掰咯 =D


Mar 21, 2009

at 10:58 PM

happy....and sad as well~!

yeshh got my new specs =DD
its in pink and oh yeahh~ no more ah ma specs ahaha xD
but stil i haven got used to it,..
my power has increased~~ to 200+
anyway at least i wun feel embarassed with the new specs,well..not so..LOLs =X

hey its me! (xD) kinda cacat. still =='

hols' ending soon~
i haven finish my folio yet! TT
n my list for john...~~
pretty boring this week..

went jusco with frens on tues, kinda disappointed..becuz.....ish ishh ='(

anyway i did enjoy during the greenbox time lol~

(xin yun :: me :: joyce :: poh ying :: minky ...and bei taking pic~ lol)

went jananie's hs on wed for her burfdae party~
(more lik a gathering with cake)
sry jananie! but this is exactly hw i felt lols -.-'
anyway,hppie belated bday for nw haha~

and thurs~ happie buffdae to andrew lols~!
my sis got him a lil turtle n he named it JA SHE ( my sis O,o)
haha i wonder hw is 'she' nw? =p

say hi to the lil ja she =DD (sry to steal ur pic andrew xD)

here comes FRI! my sis is gone for NS nw...
sigh...home is extreme quiet without her~
the time she left,we embraced..and i was biting my lips..trying my best nt to let my tears ROLL DOWN!!!
for goodness sake, i hv to lik turn the other side to rub them off..
jus feel very uneasy without her sleeping in the same room with me,without her asking me hw's everythin,and stuff...sob...
man~~ lets chg topic..
or else im gonna cry again...ish!


wat else?
lols duno hw to cont..stop here lol ><'
(ending suggested by xiang xiang) xDD
dun und? NVM hehehehe~~

*happy schooling!*

Mar 15, 2009

at 11:17 PM

weekend =)

today's a Sunday~
and i got al so bored at home ><' i ve finish 'Princess Diaries' FINALLY and yea im moving to the nxt book soon xD
was BORED last jus snapping here n thr lols =='
we dun look alike do we? *grin* LOLs~

my drawing's nt done yet..
again..stucked... =.='

im thinking to QUIT scout marching, cuz my parents OBVIOUSLY dun lik me to march, neither do my choir teacher since it always clash with choir practice..
DUH! we march everyday ==' so, anti-confrontation!
im gonna settle this up..hw? thinking lols~

things to do this hol:

1. finish my drawings
2. finish another novel
3. wash my SHOESS!
4. tidy up the mess in my room --'
5. homeworkss
6. get my fringe CUT! (its blocking my view ==')
7. prepare lesson for the coming saturday
8. get the list done for john..(aikz almost forgotten)
9. spend my time as MUCH as i can with jie jie ~~~ (she's leaving this fri TT)
10. finish my anime~
11. uh huh,get my new specs! xD

nth much, jus a random post hehee~

*peace* ^.<''

Mar 11, 2009

at 5:43 PM


alright,so i get a chance to online today~
lots things seems to happen and well,its kinda unexpected.. =='

ive forgotten to bring the hs key today, so i tot i wun be home until mum's back..
and it's lik 7pm... lols but fortunately i called mum after the marching (4pm) and THANK GOD she spared a key at my neighbour's hs *grin*

got back all my papers except for PA (account) n my marks were pretty average..~
wed's class usually bore me out and im getting really veryyy tired..especially ad maths!
i dun know y, thou ad maths is 1 of my fav sub,but everythin teacher said doesnt get into my head AT ALL..*sigh* bunch of homeworks today..goodness.. (n i stil hv time to blog lol --')

after skul i hv marching, so went for lunch with was a rainy day so i was delight~ thinking tat the training might be canceled =p
lols i was kinda right.. she let us rest when the rain gets heavier but after tat we were back under the rain =/ was drizzling..
well, my bus aunty reached at 4pm sharp.. surprised.. normally i dun wait for her bcuz she's ALWAYS late,so 1st thing i do was to RUSHH all the way up to pavillion n get 'my bag'...O,o

so i was about to reach home BEFORE I FELT SUMTHING's NT RIGHT...
ahhhh, i sumhw turned a lil, n REALIZED tat.....

yeah...for goodness sake, i got the wrong skul bag..

i was lik OMG?? this isnt my bag!
oh boy..i almost scream lols! so i jus asked my bus aunty, in this really very polite way..aunty could u KINDLY fetch me back to skul? she jus went all WAT? WHY?
i told tat i got the wrong skul bag n every1 in the bus turned n look at me in a very funny way lol
lucky the aunty was kinda in a good mood n she turned back..
the rain was getting heavier n my heart was beating even more faster...hoping tat the owner of this bag wouldnt got mine wrongly lols
so when i reached pavillion thank god my bag is stil there...and i guess the boy was looking for his bag cos he looked rather panic.. >< so i asked him n he was lik YES,N WHO TOOK IT?
i explained..before i could even say sorry, he rushhh down n i know he's late for his car..
i felt bad...really TT
but u noe, our bags r really alike! 99% perhaps? lol except tat my bag has a lil cross hanging there n he doesnt =p
i saw my frens n they were asking why m i turning back..
that was embarrassing..=X
hw can i always be so clumsy??

SPM results r out..i mean yea tmr! my sis is really driving me crazy.. she jus cant stop asking me quests LOL....
well i bliff she can get a good result, really, she has been studying hard i can see tat =D
but it doesnt matter if she doesnt, anyway..she did her best n eventually, everythin moves on!
all the best for those who r getting results tmr too~ God Bless~! =p

~worrying bout my PA~

Mar 8, 2009

at 8:52 PM

gladdiddoo~! hahas

horrayyy~! test is over n yea, right after it every1 heaved a sighh of relieff~~~
thou its jus a simple monthly test, but i take it rather seriously..
well! ive disappoint my aunt in my major exam (PMR) n i dun wana repeat the same mistake~
i promised myself to score best in every single test / exam..
ive got back 2papers (maths n sc) n im glad with the marks..despite the fact tat both r actually the easiest among all LOL~ =X
i made a very stupid mistake in sc paper n i dun hv enuf time for maths paper.. if nt i can get a higher mark..really ><''
so my hopeless papers wil be BC and PA (account) TT
i tot i would love account in the very beginning but i find its nt as ez as jus counting n recording ONLY...there's more..n more...which i didnt find myself liking them at all..
tuitions? NO WAY..i wil nvr go for them..even at times it helps..somehow =X
i prayed to God before i open any of the test paper..( hoping God would chg the questions to easier ones? ) LOL silly...jus joking xD
anyway God does help~ nt in chging the Qs of cuz haha but in memorizing =) try it out!

SO, alright..done with paperss lol and YESHH HOLS ARE NEARRR~~~~~
even thou its jus A week..which mean a 7-day-rest xD
normally, i mean..all these while i would prefer schooling rather than staying at home..
but ppl do chg right? xDD ahaha hope to hang out n spend time with my frensss again..
i miss'em lots!..i ll be thankful enuff to see them n jus to ask 'hws life going?'
anyway~~~ i love holidays nw cos i can finally sit n read with songs plying,and a cup of hot choc perhaps? haha *day-dreaming*
its been loooong time since i last DRAW! i mean a really nice drawing which takes me hours..
( yeap i take long time to draw =p)
so i hope i can post my drawing in the nxt post =D

ive attended a youth leadership class n had few lessons with my church pastor together with frens.. God spoke to me thru wat ive learn n yes,hold on tight to God n nvr let go..

IM GETTING EXCITED cos u noe wat, mum's gonna buy me a NEW SPECS!!!
oh my gosh tats indeed a good news for me! ive tried sooo hard to save money for it..
*overwhelm* ='D
love u mummy~~~~ muaxxx xD
so i wonder which to choose..frameless or half-frame?
no way to get an ah-ma specs again.. tat made me feel embarass each time i wear it..
yes, embarass to max! ==
ppl start teasing when they see me wearing it lol ><
but it doesnt matter ANYMORE! right? xD

tmr no school..i actually dunno wat holiday is tat @@
who cares, i hv extra time with my story books n drawings yeahh~
nvr mind wat results i ll get this time..i noe i did my best even its bad.. =)
enjoy life...n thank God for everything..^u^

take care buddies =D

Mar 1, 2009

at 9:05 PM

im glad... =)

ok, so im ticking off things frm my list =p
i did pretty well during chess compettion hehee~
6 rounds altogether, won 4 rounds, draw 1 round and lose 1..
got 5th for individual n too bad prizes r given until 4th place TT
me n 3 other frens got 2nd for group in our category..
tats wat got us excited all the way back to skul haha

marching competition was held on the 28th Feb..
which was yesterday..
we (scout) got 2nd place..both boys n girls team.. =X

i was torn between amusement n dismay..
winning means going for peringkat negeri..
next thing to worry about is the training..
i ve gotta choose between choir n marching n YES of cuz i wil choose choir..
tats if i hv a choice!
gosh... conflicts, arguements..bla bla bla...sickening....

hmm and yea,for the time being, i stil haven got used to our youth system..
nt to say its bad...but im getting tired with things especially when my time is pack
im tired....veryyyy tired.. and i suppose church is the only place i can release allllll my stressss,and to enjoy with frenss n of cuz to seek God.. =)
lolz duhh,tats wat we do isnt it...?

2 more days to the test~~ so far i finished 1 sub only TT
lying on the bed whole day with EA notes in my hand n half closed eyes...
lolz i noe i noe~~ its bad for eyesight to study on the bed but wat to do~~
i love my bed! xDD

i always did best for the 1st test,but this time,sumhw i doubted
anyway~~~~ we will see =) life goes on...

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