Mar 11, 2009

at 5:43 PM


alright,so i get a chance to online today~
lots things seems to happen and well,its kinda unexpected.. =='

ive forgotten to bring the hs key today, so i tot i wun be home until mum's back..
and it's lik 7pm... lols but fortunately i called mum after the marching (4pm) and THANK GOD she spared a key at my neighbour's hs *grin*

got back all my papers except for PA (account) n my marks were pretty average..~
wed's class usually bore me out and im getting really veryyy tired..especially ad maths!
i dun know y, thou ad maths is 1 of my fav sub,but everythin teacher said doesnt get into my head AT ALL..*sigh* bunch of homeworks today..goodness.. (n i stil hv time to blog lol --')

after skul i hv marching, so went for lunch with was a rainy day so i was delight~ thinking tat the training might be canceled =p
lols i was kinda right.. she let us rest when the rain gets heavier but after tat we were back under the rain =/ was drizzling..
well, my bus aunty reached at 4pm sharp.. surprised.. normally i dun wait for her bcuz she's ALWAYS late,so 1st thing i do was to RUSHH all the way up to pavillion n get 'my bag'...O,o

so i was about to reach home BEFORE I FELT SUMTHING's NT RIGHT...
ahhhh, i sumhw turned a lil, n REALIZED tat.....

yeah...for goodness sake, i got the wrong skul bag..

i was lik OMG?? this isnt my bag!
oh boy..i almost scream lols! so i jus asked my bus aunty, in this really very polite way..aunty could u KINDLY fetch me back to skul? she jus went all WAT? WHY?
i told tat i got the wrong skul bag n every1 in the bus turned n look at me in a very funny way lol
lucky the aunty was kinda in a good mood n she turned back..
the rain was getting heavier n my heart was beating even more faster...hoping tat the owner of this bag wouldnt got mine wrongly lols
so when i reached pavillion thank god my bag is stil there...and i guess the boy was looking for his bag cos he looked rather panic.. >< so i asked him n he was lik YES,N WHO TOOK IT?
i explained..before i could even say sorry, he rushhh down n i know he's late for his car..
i felt bad...really TT
but u noe, our bags r really alike! 99% perhaps? lol except tat my bag has a lil cross hanging there n he doesnt =p
i saw my frens n they were asking why m i turning back..
that was embarrassing..=X
hw can i always be so clumsy??

SPM results r out..i mean yea tmr! my sis is really driving me crazy.. she jus cant stop asking me quests LOL....
well i bliff she can get a good result, really, she has been studying hard i can see tat =D
but it doesnt matter if she doesnt, anyway..she did her best n eventually, everythin moves on!
all the best for those who r getting results tmr too~ God Bless~! =p

~worrying bout my PA~


eBei™ said...

clumsy girl.. ==
ask snowz come n scold u!!

MidnightGurl said...

urghh...he knew LOL


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