Mar 8, 2009

at 8:52 PM

gladdiddoo~! hahas

horrayyy~! test is over n yea, right after it every1 heaved a sighh of relieff~~~
thou its jus a simple monthly test, but i take it rather seriously..
well! ive disappoint my aunt in my major exam (PMR) n i dun wana repeat the same mistake~
i promised myself to score best in every single test / exam..
ive got back 2papers (maths n sc) n im glad with the marks..despite the fact tat both r actually the easiest among all LOL~ =X
i made a very stupid mistake in sc paper n i dun hv enuf time for maths paper.. if nt i can get a higher mark..really ><''
so my hopeless papers wil be BC and PA (account) TT
i tot i would love account in the very beginning but i find its nt as ez as jus counting n recording ONLY...there's more..n more...which i didnt find myself liking them at all..
tuitions? NO WAY..i wil nvr go for them..even at times it helps..somehow =X
i prayed to God before i open any of the test paper..( hoping God would chg the questions to easier ones? ) LOL silly...jus joking xD
anyway God does help~ nt in chging the Qs of cuz haha but in memorizing =) try it out!

SO, alright..done with paperss lol and YESHH HOLS ARE NEARRR~~~~~
even thou its jus A week..which mean a 7-day-rest xD
normally, i mean..all these while i would prefer schooling rather than staying at home..
but ppl do chg right? xDD ahaha hope to hang out n spend time with my frensss again..
i miss'em lots!..i ll be thankful enuff to see them n jus to ask 'hws life going?'
anyway~~~ i love holidays nw cos i can finally sit n read with songs plying,and a cup of hot choc perhaps? haha *day-dreaming*
its been loooong time since i last DRAW! i mean a really nice drawing which takes me hours..
( yeap i take long time to draw =p)
so i hope i can post my drawing in the nxt post =D

ive attended a youth leadership class n had few lessons with my church pastor together with frens.. God spoke to me thru wat ive learn n yes,hold on tight to God n nvr let go..

IM GETTING EXCITED cos u noe wat, mum's gonna buy me a NEW SPECS!!!
oh my gosh tats indeed a good news for me! ive tried sooo hard to save money for it..
*overwhelm* ='D
love u mummy~~~~ muaxxx xD
so i wonder which to choose..frameless or half-frame?
no way to get an ah-ma specs again.. tat made me feel embarass each time i wear it..
yes, embarass to max! ==
ppl start teasing when they see me wearing it lol ><
but it doesnt matter ANYMORE! right? xD

tmr no school..i actually dunno wat holiday is tat @@
who cares, i hv extra time with my story books n drawings yeahh~
nvr mind wat results i ll get this time..i noe i did my best even its bad.. =)
enjoy life...n thank God for everything..^u^

take care buddies =D


Arnan Koh said...

Glad to hear you are so happy... Everyday is another day nearer to the exams... for me lah.....

MidnightGurl said...

lols thx bro
study smart! god bless ya =D

Chea Ru Yen said...

hehehehe...I see...getting a new spec?? ;D

MidnightGurl said...

uh huh~ dun worry i ll show u after hols haha~ =D


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