Mar 21, 2009

at 10:58 PM

happy....and sad as well~!

yeshh got my new specs =DD
its in pink and oh yeahh~ no more ah ma specs ahaha xD
but stil i haven got used to it,..
my power has increased~~ to 200+
anyway at least i wun feel embarassed with the new specs,well..not so..LOLs =X

hey its me! (xD) kinda cacat. still =='

hols' ending soon~
i haven finish my folio yet! TT
n my list for john...~~
pretty boring this week..

went jusco with frens on tues, kinda disappointed..becuz.....ish ishh ='(

anyway i did enjoy during the greenbox time lol~

(xin yun :: me :: joyce :: poh ying :: minky ...and bei taking pic~ lol)

went jananie's hs on wed for her burfdae party~
(more lik a gathering with cake)
sry jananie! but this is exactly hw i felt lols -.-'
anyway,hppie belated bday for nw haha~

and thurs~ happie buffdae to andrew lols~!
my sis got him a lil turtle n he named it JA SHE ( my sis O,o)
haha i wonder hw is 'she' nw? =p

say hi to the lil ja she =DD (sry to steal ur pic andrew xD)

here comes FRI! my sis is gone for NS nw...
sigh...home is extreme quiet without her~
the time she left,we embraced..and i was biting my lips..trying my best nt to let my tears ROLL DOWN!!!
for goodness sake, i hv to lik turn the other side to rub them off..
jus feel very uneasy without her sleeping in the same room with me,without her asking me hw's everythin,and stuff...sob...
man~~ lets chg topic..
or else im gonna cry again...ish!


wat else?
lols duno hw to cont..stop here lol ><'
(ending suggested by xiang xiang) xDD
dun und? NVM hehehehe~~

*happy schooling!*


eBei™ said...


MidnightGurl said...

ahh stop tat xD

Chea Ru Yen said...

Aww I can understand ur feelings about ur sis leaving for NS...sure will miss her alot...And u hv to get use to sleeping alone =p

MidnightGurl said...

yes lorh..really miss her ='X

Andrew said...

its okay with the photos... besides, there're public. and well, good luck in adapting in your new 3 months life now... =)

MidnightGurl said...

haha yeaa~~


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