Mar 1, 2009

at 9:05 PM

im glad... =)

ok, so im ticking off things frm my list =p
i did pretty well during chess compettion hehee~
6 rounds altogether, won 4 rounds, draw 1 round and lose 1..
got 5th for individual n too bad prizes r given until 4th place TT
me n 3 other frens got 2nd for group in our category..
tats wat got us excited all the way back to skul haha

marching competition was held on the 28th Feb..
which was yesterday..
we (scout) got 2nd place..both boys n girls team.. =X

i was torn between amusement n dismay..
winning means going for peringkat negeri..
next thing to worry about is the training..
i ve gotta choose between choir n marching n YES of cuz i wil choose choir..
tats if i hv a choice!
gosh... conflicts, arguements..bla bla bla...sickening....

hmm and yea,for the time being, i stil haven got used to our youth system..
nt to say its bad...but im getting tired with things especially when my time is pack
im tired....veryyyy tired.. and i suppose church is the only place i can release allllll my stressss,and to enjoy with frenss n of cuz to seek God.. =)
lolz duhh,tats wat we do isnt it...?

2 more days to the test~~ so far i finished 1 sub only TT
lying on the bed whole day with EA notes in my hand n half closed eyes...
lolz i noe i noe~~ its bad for eyesight to study on the bed but wat to do~~
i love my bed! xDD

i always did best for the 1st test,but this time,sumhw i doubted
anyway~~~~ we will see =) life goes on...


Arnan Koh said...

Guess you all your hard work paid off...

Pity that you became so tan.

Congrats on your win.

MidnightGurl said...

thxx..yea im very dark nw..
sad =S


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