Mar 15, 2009

at 11:17 PM

weekend =)

today's a Sunday~
and i got al so bored at home ><' i ve finish 'Princess Diaries' FINALLY and yea im moving to the nxt book soon xD
was BORED last jus snapping here n thr lols =='
we dun look alike do we? *grin* LOLs~

my drawing's nt done yet..
again..stucked... =.='

im thinking to QUIT scout marching, cuz my parents OBVIOUSLY dun lik me to march, neither do my choir teacher since it always clash with choir practice..
DUH! we march everyday ==' so, anti-confrontation!
im gonna settle this up..hw? thinking lols~

things to do this hol:

1. finish my drawings
2. finish another novel
3. wash my SHOESS!
4. tidy up the mess in my room --'
5. homeworkss
6. get my fringe CUT! (its blocking my view ==')
7. prepare lesson for the coming saturday
8. get the list done for john..(aikz almost forgotten)
9. spend my time as MUCH as i can with jie jie ~~~ (she's leaving this fri TT)
10. finish my anime~
11. uh huh,get my new specs! xD

nth much, jus a random post hehee~

*peace* ^.<''


Arnan Koh said...

you finally finished reading a book...

hey... how do you feel that your sister is leaving for NS?

MidnightGurl said...

haha yea LOL
well im really gonna MISSS her
seriously! 3months without her..omg TT

eBei™ said...



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