Mar 23, 2009

at 4:37 PM


the sub that i worried the most has finally returned back..

and..guess wat?
yes..i failed my PA ..

39%..the worst result i ve ever get..
not that i didnt study..
i did! i pay attention in class, i study b4 the test ( nt much thou =X)
anyway, why not 40??
if only i hv enuf time to check..if only i see my mistakes..if only i count it correctly..if only i didnt mix up the sign..if only i spend a lil bit more time to study..jus abit!...if only........

well frenzz..i dun need any1 to comfort me..nor to cheer me..really!
i noe i noe i hv to look forward..i noe its jus a test..
yeap,i noe..i wil study harder nxt time for sure..
all these i ve been telling ppl but hw bout me myself??

gosh..i really duno wats my feeling nw..nt sad..nt angry..then wat?
probably ive disappoint myself..

of cuz,i ll try my best nt to fail nxt round,but nobody can chg the marks rite?
39...1 more to WILL be printed out forever on the paper..
isn't it?

it's really better to burst n vomit it all out..than to keep inside my heart..
felt lik tearing the paper into half...nt jus HALF!! into PIECES!!! =='

anyway..its really my fault..
so..lolz dun worry,i wun do stupid things xD
lik wat bei told..we go thru ups and downs..
or else, life wouldnt be colourful..
rigghhtt?? =D

yeap..better now..thanks blogspot!

xYx <3 yXy



Andrew said...

I won't hessitate to tear the paper if i get 39... so well... go ahead =P

Miss Beiyi™ said...

YERRR!!! thanx blogspot takda thank me!!! but still, u rmb wad i've told u, not bad la... the acc i give u 1 more mark!!! I GIVE DE!!! precious huh!!

MidnightGurl said...

lol andrew,nxt thing is me getting killed by cik zalilah..
soo~~ better nt haha
thanks for ur 1 mark lor!! in here..

Baldwin said...

sorry to hear of ur frustrations..

try harder next time, girl =)

MidnightGurl said...

sure..thx thou =)


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