Apr 30, 2009

at 3:30 PM

merdeka!!! =D

yay!! finally everythin's back to normal ^^

yst was our marching competition..we got 2nd!! yeaah~ =D
jus fine for me~
nyet joan got the best commander~gratz =)
thou i dislike her sumtimes, she still deserve it ^^
God is indeed a great God, he always give me the best! =D
he provides everythin, and nvr fails me..muax =p

yst morning was super duper hot..the sun burns! and im tanned zz..
we reached seremban around 3.30pm after the competition..
i went to sin hua straight, cuz my primary skul choir teacher asked me to go back n see them practice..
nxt wed is their competition for daerah..
they were really good~! wish them luck! ^^

i came home around 5.30pm and cant find my key, dropped it sumwher =X
so i waited outside until 6.30pm mummy came back..
tired to max and im nw sick =(

this morning was really ill, had headache n flu n cough n sore throat @@'
planned to skip skul but VERY BAD cuz tmr no skul..
meaning i ll hv triple of workss to get done by monday if i din go skul.. =(
ive skipped ALOT..so no choice, ate panadol n went for skul..

better nw, stil with flu n cough..
anyway, nxt nxt wed is our mid term exam..
scary~! time fliess...................

mountains of homework waiting for me =X
betta go
see ya! =)

Apr 23, 2009

at 2:46 PM

scouts...again?!?!?!?! URGH !

scout marching competition for state level is on nxt wed..
they're obviously lack of ppl..
and im being forced to join back..

this morning i was hving my maths class, minky came n find me..
she said cik zalilah wana see me.. so i knew its bout marching..again..

she(cik zalilah) said i dun hv excuse to escape d cuz choir is over..
and wth, i hate ppl compare me with my sis..
she said my sis is more positive..and her koko marks very high..bla bla bla..

sigh..am i REALLY tat bad??

so no choice, i went for training..
meaning to skip class..and march with my skul uniform on...

worse stil, i HAVE to pay rm27 for tat stupid kawat shoe..!!!!!!!
im sooooo nt going to tell my mum this..she really is going to kill me!!

TT....so ive gotta poke another big hole on my purse..

one more thing..nxt wed is our class sketch on english day..
im suppose to be the narrator..
for goodness sake! once again i hv to choose 1 between the 2..
oh nonono..i should say im FORCED to quit sketch...wat the..
sob......they've choose someone else to replace me...
*hurt* ='(

todae ive missed my moral, BM, maths n eng class..

things to get done TODAE~~ :
2.song list for cf tmr
3.remind john to bring his guitar for me!
4.find transport to church tmr night =X
5.another song list for saturday night
6.inform musicians! (important~~)

p/s: got 3rd for choir

alrite, gotta go...
wish me luck! TT


Apr 17, 2009

at 8:11 PM

nanana...on the way =)

tmr is our choir competition! =D
wil be going to SMK Senawang..
and marching competition in our skul too..
i wish all of them good luck! thou im no longer member of the team *sigh*

got our results ard...i did improve..
mayb cuz subs r easier compare with sc students..

stupid account...39 9G 0 GAGAL

aiks! no more failing this coming mid term exam..i hope!

recently our maths teacher changed again...
really dun und y things kept on chging...swtz..
its a malay man..haha and i heard he's ard 40+
OMG he doesnt look lik any other 40yr old man OBVIOUSLY!
bliff it or nt..lolzzz
anyway who cares......==''''
i dun understand a single word he said ><' i would prefer him to talk in BM,seriously.. and..he cant stop writing on the board n b4 we could understand, he rub it off.. well, i do not wan to exaggerate nor to talk bad bout him.. we all understand, he's still new afteral lolz kinda friendly, funny guy... but the thing is...


we simply cant get him..he used 1 whole period trying to make us understand a simple 'tree diagram' zz...

daddy mummy didnt plan to go n visit her this week~

its really a sad thing she cant celebrate it!
she used to hv a happy time every year~~
so i came up with a plan..
lols tats to go without telling her..hehe
hoping.....yes....hoping tat dad wil hv free time..
perhaps he can cancel off some of his students..
and i jus cant wait to see her expression..
hw exciting! ^^

tmr night i ll be going for chan wa campfire
gonna be a tiring day~
anyway for the comp, win or lose is no big deal..
jus to explore round =p

God Bless!

Apr 12, 2009

at 9:03 PM


i love hillsongs!! =D
yea~ so in love with it.. *rejoice* =p

had our SEGAK test few days ago..
and OMG i cant even do a proper sit up...
==' as in 1 complete sit up without legs moving lols
i usually did it on my bed..
haha and it's soo much different doing on the concrete floor =p
but well the test is nt exactly sit up..so i passed O.o

sis went back for camp d~
enjoy having her around these days =)

(visited her last week)

(brothaa n sistaa =D)

*buzz buzz*
i'm stucked in PA again...*SIGH*

Apr 6, 2009

at 3:11 PM

shocking news! yet im loving it~!

today itself, i went thru the UPs and DOWNs...

of cuz, it was the downs before the ups

so there was a really shocking news this morning..
the date of our marching competition is changed..AGAIN..
and it's clashing with choir..

i ran all the way to find our commander..
and she replied :" Mr. Wong said u guys hv to quit choir..i ve no choice oso"
well, with one of her rather irritated look..
i felt lik SLAPPING HER!really....
i cant stand her giving me such impression and such look everytime..
as if!

sobs..i said nothing..turned and walked away..
i could feel my tears coming down..
i felt stupid, wondering WAT actually makes me SOO wanted to join kawat in the 1st place??
despite the fact tat sumtimes i did enjoy with them..uh huh..
so i went back to class..with eyes red..
no more choir? wat?? no more singing?? hw can this happen to me...

it was PA.. cik zalilah saw me and asked wats wrong..
since she's our koko teacher, so i tot of asking her whether or nt i can go for choir instead of marching..
she explained to me..bla bla bla..
and conclusion = no..
i even tried to find ppl to replace me for kawat..
none of them say yes..(as wat ive expected)

i didnt plan to stay back for training today..
mayb should say i dun feel lik staying..to see her for tat few hours..
anyway, i told ezreena..i pray tat god will open doors for me..
perhaps the date could jus chg a lil..n nt clashing with others..

im nw here at home and about 30mins ago..
i got a msg frm her (commander)

and guess wat..
'Joey, bout the competition,i noe u're very commited to choir...so i already find someone to replace you :) '

reading the 1st part of it, i tot she was going to apologize..
nvr expect her to let me go for choir!!
this is jus...AWESOME!!
thank god.. and yea, thank u nget joan..
being understanding..for the 1st time!

ther's always rainbow after the rain (broken xD)
thx to my frens who comforted me..and hear me complain lols
i noe u al care bout me!

(v) silly =p

Apr 4, 2009

at 11:41 PM

crap =X

hellooo pepz~
back blogging =D

another week is gone...yea,another week without jie ='(
visited her last Sunday with aunts,mummy n bro~
omg the weather ther is hot..really veryy hot..
sis said it ll be very cold at nite,especially when it rains..
she was sick the other day but was nw cured =p

anyway, im bored nwdays cuz she took her mp3 back sobzz
so~~ im going ther again with family tmr~ =D
miss jie alot.. she's coming home by nxt week for 4 days

i skipped kawat for 2 weeks ard~
due to some probz..part of it was caused by laziness xD
(i hope she's nt reading this lol)
my frens said i look fairer nw and OMG IM SOO HAPPY BOUT IT!
but wat to do..i stil hv to go back for kawat haiz

lucky competition is nt clashing..
before the time was changed, our class sketch is clashing with choir competition (22nd of April)
i was worrying, cuz i wanted sooo much to take part in the sketch
lol teacher said those who take part wil nt hv to prepare for oral,and tat she ll give us high marks! wohooo~ xD
anyway thx ezreena for giving me the chance ^^

choir comp is chged to 18th of april,which is a saturday..
kawat comp for negeri is 15th..tats if we won in daerah..nt sure bout the date yet =X
and sketch is 22/4 ^^
i heard tat the scout campfire in chung hua is on the 25/4..excited!!

mon tues wed hv to kawat in the morning WTH i dun lik to skip classes..
NOOBIEZ! .......
haiz need to trouble ezreena to jot down notes for me ard ><'
and HAIZ i ll be dark again?..

april fool is sooo nt april fool..
haha nth happened in class..boooo-ring..
but i kena fooled by ppl during the practice..things which i concerned much..
example: my specs...cracked?

lol oh ya pepz! our very own youth camp wil be held on the 8th-11th of June!

Venue : MSB Recreation & Training Centre, Rawang
Camp Fees : RM 230 (inclusive of Accommodation, Meals & Transportation)

* Less RM10 discount for full payment made before 17th May,2009
* Full camp fee to be paid up latest by 24th May,2009, otherwise Deposit(RM50) will be forfeited and no reservation will be made for you..

any1 interested..let me noe! =D (yeap any1, as long ure a youth)
promise u it's gonna be FUN!
the place is really nice, with badminton court, swimming pool, big hall, etc etc =p

well again, jus let me noe alrite ^^

the form~

dad promised to let me go for drum lessons by May!
omgosh omgosh...excited! =DD
i wanted to go for it for soo long ard..~~~
and and~~ my aunt said tat she ll help to pay 50% of the camp fee for both me n sis ^^
it's a blessing...thx~~

lol i crap too much =p

stop here~

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