Apr 12, 2009

at 9:03 PM


i love hillsongs!! =D
yea~ so in love with it.. *rejoice* =p

had our SEGAK test few days ago..
and OMG i cant even do a proper sit up...
==' as in 1 complete sit up without legs moving lols
i usually did it on my bed..
haha and it's soo much different doing on the concrete floor =p
but well the test is nt exactly sit up..so i passed O.o

sis went back for camp d~
enjoy having her around these days =)

(visited her last week)

(brothaa n sistaa =D)

*buzz buzz*
i'm stucked in PA again...*SIGH*


Arnan Koh said...

I hope she is having fun... hehehe...

Can't wait for her to come back... she would have a lot of stories to tell..

MidnightGurl said...

yeshhh~ lotss haha
she ll call every night!
jus to tell hw nice or bad the day was =p

Chea Ru Yen said...

Gosh I din know dat u hv a bro =="

MidnightGurl said...

haha...it's nt too late xD

Andrew said...

Ic... some of my friends got 0 for segak, some because of rudeness, and most because of wrong doing during the procedure. lolz

and your sis said i'd never get a look at her in her uniform and i guess shes outright wrong. =)

MidnightGurl said...

sad haha, at least i got a 17 =p
she doesnt noe i would post it here haha


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