Apr 30, 2009

at 3:30 PM

merdeka!!! =D

yay!! finally everythin's back to normal ^^

yst was our marching competition..we got 2nd!! yeaah~ =D
jus fine for me~
nyet joan got the best commander~gratz =)
thou i dislike her sumtimes, she still deserve it ^^
God is indeed a great God, he always give me the best! =D
he provides everythin, and nvr fails me..muax =p

yst morning was super duper hot..the sun burns! and im tanned zz..
we reached seremban around 3.30pm after the competition..
i went to sin hua straight, cuz my primary skul choir teacher asked me to go back n see them practice..
nxt wed is their competition for daerah..
they were really good~! wish them luck! ^^

i came home around 5.30pm and cant find my key, dropped it sumwher =X
so i waited outside until 6.30pm mummy came back..
tired to max and im nw sick =(

this morning was really ill, had headache n flu n cough n sore throat @@'
planned to skip skul but VERY BAD cuz tmr no skul..
meaning i ll hv triple of workss to get done by monday if i din go skul.. =(
ive skipped ALOT..so no choice, ate panadol n went for skul..

better nw, stil with flu n cough..
anyway, nxt nxt wed is our mid term exam..
scary~! time fliess...................

mountains of homework waiting for me =X
betta go
see ya! =)


K咖 said...

ya lo..
dun so faz merdeka 1st..
still gt mid-exam!!!

Miss Beiyi™ said...

chee jian, we all siting in lab de, tiru mai can lo!! haha. @@"

Miss Beiyi™ said...

p/s: =D LOL <<<< for u d joey xD

MidnightGurl said...

K咖 - ya hor TT'
after exam merdeka twice lor haha..

cou bei - ppl very guai de! nt lik u always tiru LOL


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