Apr 23, 2009

at 2:46 PM

scouts...again?!?!?!?! URGH !

scout marching competition for state level is on nxt wed..
they're obviously lack of ppl..
and im being forced to join back..

this morning i was hving my maths class, minky came n find me..
she said cik zalilah wana see me.. so i knew its bout marching..again..

she(cik zalilah) said i dun hv excuse to escape d cuz choir is over..
and wth, i hate ppl compare me with my sis..
she said my sis is more positive..and her koko marks very high..bla bla bla..

sigh..am i REALLY tat bad??

so no choice, i went for training..
meaning to skip class..and march with my skul uniform on...

worse stil, i HAVE to pay rm27 for tat stupid kawat shoe..!!!!!!!
im sooooo nt going to tell my mum this..she really is going to kill me!!

TT....so ive gotta poke another big hole on my purse..

one more thing..nxt wed is our class sketch on english day..
im suppose to be the narrator..
for goodness sake! once again i hv to choose 1 between the 2..
oh nonono..i should say im FORCED to quit sketch...wat the..
sob......they've choose someone else to replace me...
*hurt* ='(

todae ive missed my moral, BM, maths n eng class..

things to get done TODAE~~ :
2.song list for cf tmr
3.remind john to bring his guitar for me!
4.find transport to church tmr night =X
5.another song list for saturday night
6.inform musicians! (important~~)

p/s: got 3rd for choir

alrite, gotta go...
wish me luck! TT



Miss Beiyi™ said...


Baldwin said...

you're multi talented Joey..

do ur best in everything & dont forget to have fun! =)

MidnightGurl said...

al glory to god =)
thx anyway..
and it's hard to enjoy when u hv to stand under the sun, letting it to BURN ur skin and to walk n walk for 1hour+ non stop!

Andrew said...

Good luck...

Miss Beiyi™ said...

btw, after exam i oso gonna kawat.. haihz. =( really pathetic. +, nw oso havent start study yet.. really fmo jor larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! ='(

MidnightGurl said...

thx andrew =)
haha bei, tats ur choice wat xD
and ive no time yet to study oso!

Arnan Koh said...

someones sounds like she is going to get in to trouble... marching, sunburn, money....

don't lag behind in your education and please don't get a sunstroke...

MidnightGurl said...

but it really is troubling..
zz wat to do.. cil zalilah knew me,
no way to esccape..

im getting stucked in my studies anyway
and for sunstroke,hard to avoid thou..


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