Apr 6, 2009

at 3:11 PM

shocking news! yet im loving it~!

today itself, i went thru the UPs and DOWNs...

of cuz, it was the downs before the ups

so there was a really shocking news this morning..
the date of our marching competition is changed..AGAIN..
and it's clashing with choir..

i ran all the way to find our commander..
and she replied :" Mr. Wong said u guys hv to quit choir..i ve no choice oso"
well, with one of her rather irritated look..
i felt lik SLAPPING HER!really....
i cant stand her giving me such impression and such look everytime..
as if!

sobs..i said nothing..turned and walked away..
i could feel my tears coming down..
i felt stupid, wondering WAT actually makes me SOO wanted to join kawat in the 1st place??
despite the fact tat sumtimes i did enjoy with them..uh huh..
so i went back to class..with eyes red..
no more choir? wat?? no more singing?? hw can this happen to me...

it was PA.. cik zalilah saw me and asked wats wrong..
since she's our koko teacher, so i tot of asking her whether or nt i can go for choir instead of marching..
she explained to me..bla bla bla..
and conclusion = no..
i even tried to find ppl to replace me for kawat..
none of them say yes..(as wat ive expected)

i didnt plan to stay back for training today..
mayb should say i dun feel lik staying..to see her for tat few hours..
anyway, i told ezreena..i pray tat god will open doors for me..
perhaps the date could jus chg a lil..n nt clashing with others..

im nw here at home and about 30mins ago..
i got a msg frm her (commander)

and guess wat..
'Joey, bout the competition,i noe u're very commited to choir...so i already find someone to replace you :) '

reading the 1st part of it, i tot she was going to apologize..
nvr expect her to let me go for choir!!
this is jus...AWESOME!!
thank god.. and yea, thank u nget joan..
being understanding..for the 1st time!

ther's always rainbow after the rain (broken xD)
thx to my frens who comforted me..and hear me complain lols
i noe u al care bout me!

(v) silly =p


Miss Beiyi™ said...

haha.. u frens really @@"
duno wad to say..

Baldwin said...

*smile* *tickles*

wipe those tears away =)
the best things are yet to come.


MidnightGurl said...

hehe..everythin's settled nw!
*grin* thank u baldwin =)

Andrew said...

lol, i read the btm post before this one, and looks like you already found out~ well, thank God he helped you anyway, good for you, less practice = light skin tone.

MidnightGurl said...

yeappiez.. so u're stil in right?
best of lucks yea =)


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