Apr 17, 2009

at 8:11 PM

nanana...on the way =)

tmr is our choir competition! =D
wil be going to SMK Senawang..
and marching competition in our skul too..
i wish all of them good luck! thou im no longer member of the team *sigh*

got our results ard...i did improve..
mayb cuz subs r easier compare with sc students..

stupid account...39 9G 0 GAGAL

aiks! no more failing this coming mid term exam..i hope!

recently our maths teacher changed again...
really dun und y things kept on chging...swtz..
its a malay man..haha and i heard he's ard 40+
OMG he doesnt look lik any other 40yr old man OBVIOUSLY!
bliff it or nt..lolzzz
anyway who cares......==''''
i dun understand a single word he said ><' i would prefer him to talk in BM,seriously.. and..he cant stop writing on the board n b4 we could understand, he rub it off.. well, i do not wan to exaggerate nor to talk bad bout him.. we all understand, he's still new afteral lolz kinda friendly, funny guy... but the thing is...


we simply cant get him..he used 1 whole period trying to make us understand a simple 'tree diagram' zz...

daddy mummy didnt plan to go n visit her this week~

its really a sad thing she cant celebrate it!
she used to hv a happy time every year~~
so i came up with a plan..
lols tats to go without telling her..hehe
hoping.....yes....hoping tat dad wil hv free time..
perhaps he can cancel off some of his students..
and i jus cant wait to see her expression..
hw exciting! ^^

tmr night i ll be going for chan wa campfire
gonna be a tiring day~
anyway for the comp, win or lose is no big deal..
jus to explore round =p

God Bless!


Arnan Koh said...

wow... that is quite good results... i think mine were never like that...

looks like you need to work on accounts...

MidnightGurl said...

lols of cuz u wun hv this kinda results..
cuz ure always the top 10!!

im trying lol


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