May 29, 2009

at 5:55 PM

lame haha ignore this xD

cant wait to go to the beach nxt monday! =D

got back few papers
so far so good =)

below r few of my lame pics hahaha
took them right after the exam xD

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

i noei noe they're really lame T^T

was jus bored



p/s: happy birthday to cik chang n eliii ^^

May 22, 2009

at 5:08 PM

unexpectedly O,o

i fainted in school!!

alright, this time i ll make things short n sweet~!


was ill in skul, so i rushed to the washroom n before going down the stairs..

i started to see things double n fainted outside the classroom..*_*

i cant even open my eyes, then i heard ppl shouting 'cikgu! ade org pengsan!'

@@' so they carried me to the counselor room..

teacher then called my sis... she didn't go to school cuz of diarrhoea

thank god! or else i ll be suffering in school =X

vomited, and had diarrhoea too~!

i looked extreme pale, teacher was kinda shocked

it was 9.15am when i fainted, and i stayed in the washroom for 1h+!

cant believe it -.-''

sis fetched me home and i didnt get to sit for pjk paper !!TT

hope i can take it next week..getting a 0% will definately drop my results..


and guess wat? my bro had diarrhoea in skul too..

skul called mum n she rushed back frm work n bring him~

then came home to make sure if i am okay~

and went back for work again.. *touched* lols

suspected we had food poisoning.. but it seems tat im the worst zz

p/s: i still think tat this post is kinda long, crap alot! Xp

im alright now, and really thx to those who helped me =p
n especially my sis who took care of me this whole day~~
thx to those who text me jus nw, appreciate it =)
and snowiee~ thx for calling ^^

May 16, 2009

at 12:03 AM

part of our life..

yay bc papers were over! =p
hmm i can say ekonomi asas was easy..
others were OK, and i heard i got only 25/30 for rumusan..
='( becuz i forgot to chg the 'kesan' to 'implikasi'...
sigh..5 marks gone!!
and the worse part is bina ayat, out of 6 i only ans 2..z! tats 'fikir' n 'gitar'..
ha...ha =='
no doubt,my bm sux al the while =X
nxt week is gonna be really tough...but eventually we ll hv to go thru it, right?

exam is jus part of our life, it doesn't matter whether results good or bad,
al i know is ive done my best, n leave the rest to god

after exam syok le~~ 2 weeks hols wahahaha~~
looking forward to cf camp n youth camp =p
yea, going for camp is always part of my holiday~
i never want to miss them! =)

hmm, time flies, its May now and almost half a year is gone..
i enjoy being with my classmates.. they re always optimistic..
hehe, they can jus share everythin n laugh al they want..even it embarass them..
and they can say 'i didnt study wor' without feeling shameful..
im nt talking bout hw lazy n hw silly they are, but the way they see things,always positive..
most importantly, they're being themselves..
rather than living with a bunch of hypocrite...
they said they didnt study, but the truth is shown on their panda eyes..
they acted like they care about u, but they backstab u n think bad about u..

no offence, guys =)
im lucky cuz so far nobody did al tat to me.. xD (i guess?)
wat i can say is, if i were to choose, i would definately choose to be with those who're real..
failure doesnt cost a life, so it's never any good bottling things up..
got me? =)
actually ther's one girl in my class, who hated me sooo much n i couldnt figure out WHY!!
well, i knew her since form1 and frm tat year on, she just wont talk to me nicely..
urm, yes when she's in a super good mood, no when she's
if im nt mistaken, i nvr really quarrel with her b4..
sumtimes i jus say wat is right and when she's wrong i CORRECTED her..
so, is there anything wrong? could it be my straight forward tat hurted her? or..sumthing i said tat offended her?
whenever she sees me, she start giving me al those irritated look, like i stole her bf or wat..
==' and i felt lik going after her and ask wat in world is happening n wats with all her annoyed faces..but i couldn't, or else i ll be in BIG trouble...
wel forget bout the trouble thingy and yea she doesn't hv many frens..
she loves to grab people around her and those 'lil kitty' wil never dare to fight back,if u noe wat i mean zz..
and wow, she always talked bout me to my frens..
bad stuff of cuz.. (tats wat my frens told me)

to be frank,sumtimes i really dislike her..
but i never hate her..
i always try to be nice to her, talk softly to her but she never even wan to look at me -.-'
first time met these kinda ppl..seriously !

bible teaches us to love our enemies~ i guess i did =p 80% at least?

wooh its midnight nw~~ i jus came back frm jusco..
few hours ago was my bro's birthday xD
so we went to celebrate..
he's a lucky lil boy cuz every1 sayang him alot! =X
me, sis n mum bought Ben 10 Alien Force vol2 for him.. lol tats wat he wanted al the while!

aunt bought him a school bag which costs 70bucks+!
(cant take pic cuz i dun even know wher's the bag nw ==')
another aunt of mine, known as the MOST GENEROUS AUNT ( xD) bought..

*drum rolls~*


OMG this is exactly WAT I WANTED, i wasted SOO much time on9-ing and dl episode by episode frm youtube jus becuz i couldnt save money to buy this..
and hw many innocent blank disc ive wasted..TT ( wat to do, pc noob here =p)
man, i was really happy...
*blush* more like my present isn't it? xD
my sis love this TOO~~
hoho! envy? xDD

see~? im excited! hw bout u? =p

haha well, anyone wan this, i can burn for u.. =)
bring me 3 blank disc and u ll hv The Great Collection of Studio Ghibli~!

Ask and u shall be Given! (Ekey's quote hehe~)

lets see,14 days of hols....
6 days for camps,
2 days for frens,
1 day for church,
and the rest, for dvd! X)

i bought a note book in jusco jus nw..
it's not jus an ordinary notebook..



i wonder when wil i use it..
probably 1 year,2 years, or mayb 5? xD (exaggerated)
might use this as my diary too~ =p

anyway..WHO CARES?!
akhem, i gotta go sleep ard..
thou im known as the MidnightGurl (kononnye~)
but, robot oso need rest gua~~ XO

this could probably be my longest post..
thx for those who re patient enuf to read them al~ =)
n i apologize for the bad quality pics..taken with my webcam O,o

aites, goodnight buddies =)


May 10, 2009

at 8:38 PM

moving on

do re mi~~ jie jie in da house! =p
glad to hv her again ^^

Happie Mothers' Day to ALL the MOMs IN THE WORLD~

below is the DIY card made by my 9-year-old lil bro~

kinda amazed by his drawings ahahah
thou it's nt PERFECT..but u noe wat, he spent the whole morning hiding in my room n do lol~
sis n i bought a t-shirt for mummy~
she's kinda touched by the card n present n yea I LOVE U MUM =)


to snowiee,

we promised each other nt to face pc so much =p
soo~~ study smart n al the best for ur exam too!
twink *

xYx yXy

May 8, 2009

at 4:53 PM

never ending zz =='

so! exam is here again..
shouldnt hv use 'merdeka' as the title of my previous post xD
becuz..the war is about to start again!

well, i registered for the bible quiz last week..
it's suppose to be held this afternoon...
but sum of 'em requested to postpone til after exam..
was a good news thou, cuz i really hv no time to read..yet ='X

i jus came back frm skul n it's 5pm nw..
had a prize giving ceremony for english essay competition in bilik kuliah..
so i presented the song 'Moon River' by Henry Mancini..
accompanist was JingYi..

teacher asked to present jus few days before..
i wasn't really prepared.. lol becuz i never sang solo before!!
teacher expected a very good performance, duh..
when we practiced,she said tat my pronunciation is abit off =p n nt loud enuff...
zz wat to do! i hv stage, lack of confidence of cuz..

i sang quite a few times in front of Ekey (ezreena) today n she said was nice hehe~
so, when it was my turn to present, i was really nervous!
becuz there're students frm other schools too..
al the judges for tat competition, teachers, n VIP were in front of me..
i was shivering n i could feel the sweat on my palm..
it is suppose to be a sentimental called -.-'
but i sang it quite fast, ( =p ) my voice shivers alot!
as i caught the sight of pn.wong, sumhow i relaxed abit..lols

the whole thing was OK, but i could do better... =(

exam is on 13th May(wed) and end on 25th May (mon)
last subs r sej n account.. HA..HA... =='
in fact, i nvr really do my revision.. suddelny lost tat passion to study..

sigh..anyway, sis is coming home tmr~~~~! =DD
and tmr, again, wil be a busy day for me..

i might go for a SUDOKU competition in HELP college around July..
john told me bout it and im nt sure whether to go fot it or not..
3 in a group, each in different game..
i nvr try doing 3 sudoku in 30mins.. O,o..(according to wat he told)
well, mayb i should give it a try.. who knows we can get 1st prize n win cash xD
or mayb it's jus my dream =p

1,2,3,4,5...5 days left and YEA GOOD LUCK!

p/s: in luv with the song Think Of Me sang by ARCHY!


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