May 10, 2009

at 8:38 PM

moving on

do re mi~~ jie jie in da house! =p
glad to hv her again ^^

Happie Mothers' Day to ALL the MOMs IN THE WORLD~

below is the DIY card made by my 9-year-old lil bro~

kinda amazed by his drawings ahahah
thou it's nt PERFECT..but u noe wat, he spent the whole morning hiding in my room n do lol~
sis n i bought a t-shirt for mummy~
she's kinda touched by the card n present n yea I LOVE U MUM =)


to snowiee,

we promised each other nt to face pc so much =p
soo~~ study smart n al the best for ur exam too!
twink *

xYx yXy


Andrew said...

Good last minute from a 9 year old kid, and i wasn't being sarcastic. =P

MidnightGurl said... worries, his handwriting is better than mine when i was a 9 year old kid lols

Miss Beiyi™ said...

the doreamon 'RUN SHAPE'!!!!
melted LOL

MidnightGurl said...

aiks...yea LOL


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