May 8, 2009

at 4:53 PM

never ending zz =='

so! exam is here again..
shouldnt hv use 'merdeka' as the title of my previous post xD
becuz..the war is about to start again!

well, i registered for the bible quiz last week..
it's suppose to be held this afternoon...
but sum of 'em requested to postpone til after exam..
was a good news thou, cuz i really hv no time to read..yet ='X

i jus came back frm skul n it's 5pm nw..
had a prize giving ceremony for english essay competition in bilik kuliah..
so i presented the song 'Moon River' by Henry Mancini..
accompanist was JingYi..

teacher asked to present jus few days before..
i wasn't really prepared.. lol becuz i never sang solo before!!
teacher expected a very good performance, duh..
when we practiced,she said tat my pronunciation is abit off =p n nt loud enuff...
zz wat to do! i hv stage, lack of confidence of cuz..

i sang quite a few times in front of Ekey (ezreena) today n she said was nice hehe~
so, when it was my turn to present, i was really nervous!
becuz there're students frm other schools too..
al the judges for tat competition, teachers, n VIP were in front of me..
i was shivering n i could feel the sweat on my palm..
it is suppose to be a sentimental called -.-'
but i sang it quite fast, ( =p ) my voice shivers alot!
as i caught the sight of pn.wong, sumhow i relaxed abit..lols

the whole thing was OK, but i could do better... =(

exam is on 13th May(wed) and end on 25th May (mon)
last subs r sej n account.. HA..HA... =='
in fact, i nvr really do my revision.. suddelny lost tat passion to study..

sigh..anyway, sis is coming home tmr~~~~! =DD
and tmr, again, wil be a busy day for me..

i might go for a SUDOKU competition in HELP college around July..
john told me bout it and im nt sure whether to go fot it or not..
3 in a group, each in different game..
i nvr try doing 3 sudoku in 30mins.. O,o..(according to wat he told)
well, mayb i should give it a try.. who knows we can get 1st prize n win cash xD
or mayb it's jus my dream =p

1,2,3,4,5...5 days left and YEA GOOD LUCK!

p/s: in luv with the song Think Of Me sang by ARCHY!



Arnan Koh said...

singing... well you were always very soft... i know because i had to crank up your volume every time you backup in church...

all the best in your exams...

MidnightGurl said...

well! lol~
they said can hear me ady larh!
it was during the last combine meeting we had before the Ipoh church came.. =X
i sang soft here cuz im scared ><'


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