May 22, 2009

at 5:08 PM

unexpectedly O,o

i fainted in school!!

alright, this time i ll make things short n sweet~!


was ill in skul, so i rushed to the washroom n before going down the stairs..

i started to see things double n fainted outside the classroom..*_*

i cant even open my eyes, then i heard ppl shouting 'cikgu! ade org pengsan!'

@@' so they carried me to the counselor room..

teacher then called my sis... she didn't go to school cuz of diarrhoea

thank god! or else i ll be suffering in school =X

vomited, and had diarrhoea too~!

i looked extreme pale, teacher was kinda shocked

it was 9.15am when i fainted, and i stayed in the washroom for 1h+!

cant believe it -.-''

sis fetched me home and i didnt get to sit for pjk paper !!TT

hope i can take it next week..getting a 0% will definately drop my results..


and guess wat? my bro had diarrhoea in skul too..

skul called mum n she rushed back frm work n bring him~

then came home to make sure if i am okay~

and went back for work again.. *touched* lols

suspected we had food poisoning.. but it seems tat im the worst zz

p/s: i still think tat this post is kinda long, crap alot! Xp

im alright now, and really thx to those who helped me =p
n especially my sis who took care of me this whole day~~
thx to those who text me jus nw, appreciate it =)
and snowiee~ thx for calling ^^


Arnan Koh said...

fainted.. the last person i knew who did that was Then.

hope you get better...

all the best in your exams...

Miss Beiyi™ said...

'n snowie~ thx 4 calling~' eeeeeee yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
zhong sei qing you =X

Chea Ru Yen said... fainted =X
how are u feelig now??
btw, I'm really interested in sumthing...who carried u to the counsellor room?=p En Siva ah? xD

MidnightGurl said...

arnan! thx lols..Then fainted?? cant blif it haha

bei, ppl really care for me ma u jealous ke?!

and ru yen, im alrite nw,but cant eat anything nw except for porridge zz..and OMG I DIE OSO WUN LET EN SIVA CARRY ME!! haha ==' few malay girls i guess.. i cant see anythin so im nt sure lol..but 100% girl =='

Baldwin said...

oh dear..hope ur a lot better now =)

MidnightGurl said...

im 100% fine nw =p


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