Jun 26, 2009

at 10:28 AM

wats up? =)

good morning!
lols i skip my class today cuz overslept =='
anyway i heard my frens said tat they re hving gotong royong today,
no big deal i guess X)

i jus saw msn news, saying tat Michael Jackson died!
i was lik WOW~~ he really died? O,o
no comment la, cuz i dun really lik him oso

i gt bck al my exam papers,n i would say tat im quite satisfied with it..
nt very good thou, but sumhw i manage to maintain my results..was average
this round my adMaths 47 only zzzz, but lucky cuz i passed =X
and A1 for Acc LOL! miracles rite? xD i failed in my previous test de lerhh~~~
oh yeah~ hehe

Our scout campfire was held last saturday..and i LUV the gadget lols!

cool huh =)

recently i was soo addicted to facebook haha..
until ive neglected frenster XP

Jun 14, 2009

at 12:28 PM

end of my holiday =)

youth camp was held on 8th - 11th june at MBS training centre, Rawang..
it was really a nice camp! thx to Rev. Daniel n Rev. Stephen..
had great fun thr.. =)

200bux for the camp was nt a waste..i knew i wouldnt regret! haha
it worth to max really~ lol
our group Gideon got 1st~ flag was done by kelly (thx!)

nw tat i hv a better relationship with my church buddies..
ive become a stronger christian, and getting closer to god..
i felt his presence being with al of us.. it is good to trust in the Lord =)

ther's no promise too hard for God to fulfill
ther's no prayer too hard for God to answer
ther's no problem too hard for God to solve
ther's no soul God cannot save

yea god hears my prayer =)

i also learned a new game called 'Mafia' haha
we ply it when we were on the way back to seremban
lols thx to those seniors who taught me the game =p
indeed fun X)

friday night i went ccj's hs to celebrate his 17th bday~
haha at 1st we planned to give him a surprise!
too bad we failed to =='
lols n we introduce the Mafia game to them as well.. we had a great time together~

today is the last day of our holiday..
i got soooo upset last week cuz didnt make it to hang out with my school gang =(
but at least i got to join my church frens yst hehe~

me n sis went The Store, then T1..and took bus to jusco to meet them..
they watched 'Drag Me To Hell'.. while waiting for them me n sis went greenBox for 30mins jus to sing few songs haha X)
after lunch we decided to go home n get ready for our night service at 7.30pm..
it was then one of the senior sms my sis n asked us to join them at parkson for bowling..
4 of us went parkson while the others stay at jusco..
-.-' i dunno anythin bout bowling seriously
so i planed to sit n watch them ply..+ i dun hv enuf money ard =X
wel, eventually i ply too cuz sis paid for me xD muax!
so there were 9 of us..4guys vs 5gals..and duh..the guys won xP

i cherish my time with my frenss..
2 weeks of holiday is enuf for me =)
thou i hate to go bck to skul for my RESULTS!! TT
but i couldnt imagine staying at home for few more days doing nth..zz
i nvr regret going for camp, cuz ive really learned alot..

omg i forgot to find new songs for choir!
gonna be real dead this time TT
any idea?


Jun 7, 2009

at 4:33 PM

how long more....

1 more week n we ll be going back to school again..

it's been real long since we last met..hmm, one month ago??

could hv met u.. but we seemed to hv no chance..

perhaps the next holiday?

but... hw long will it take?

Jun 3, 2009

at 11:14 AM

beginnnig of my hols =)

back frm cf camp yesterday~~
hehe the camp was fun =D
games were great..
place was nice..
washroom + dorm were cleann~
food was yummy!
speakers were good n thank God for tat, i learned alot! =)

omg i miss the beach soooo much!!!!
we were supposed to go again in the 2nd morning but canceled =(
was very disappointed hmmmm~
but the 1st day i had a good time at the beach..
well if i didn't get bullied i guess i ll hv a better time -.-'
LOL anyway, it's really fun to be with themm ^^
will get camp pics frm frens n upload nxt round =)

my sis REGRETTED for nt going for the camp haha
yst when i got home she showed me her new pet!
it's a mice WOW~~
white body long tail red eyes.. small in size OMG SO CUTE!!
so i asked if i could share with her, she agreed! hw nice =D
of cuz i had to pay half of the prize oso la haha -.-''

took some pics~

woah long body =p

so cute!!

hard to capture with it in my hand, he's hyper! -.-'

haha i bet no1 could guess it's name~~
cuz i named it ZAI ZAI (仔仔) xDD

he actually huggg his tail while sleeping X)
enjoy staring at him haha =p


guess wat, i jus killed a COCKROACH!! 15mins b4 i started this post...
dang it! i felt lik crying at tat time cuz nobody's at home! ='X
really jumped up when it suddenly came out frm the corner..
i was lik OMG n didn't know wat to doo!
i knew i cant jus let it go off lik tat..
usually when we see a cockroach we ll just run n hide in the room n let mum do the killing lol ><'
instead i ran n get SHIELDTOX! kept spraying n spraying
thank God i aimed it right cuz i didn't even dare to open my eyes haha -.-'
omg it looked scary even when it's dying..serious! geli..eww~!!

at tat moment my heart beaats real fast.. X'(

oh yea, i killed a cockroach for the 1st time in my life!


planned to go out on fri but canceled *sigh*...
sry snowiee n frens =(

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