Jun 3, 2009

at 11:14 AM

beginnnig of my hols =)

back frm cf camp yesterday~~
hehe the camp was fun =D
games were great..
place was nice..
washroom + dorm were cleann~
food was yummy!
speakers were good n thank God for tat, i learned alot! =)

omg i miss the beach soooo much!!!!
we were supposed to go again in the 2nd morning but canceled =(
was very disappointed hmmmm~
but the 1st day i had a good time at the beach..
well if i didn't get bullied i guess i ll hv a better time -.-'
LOL anyway, it's really fun to be with themm ^^
will get camp pics frm frens n upload nxt round =)

my sis REGRETTED for nt going for the camp haha
yst when i got home she showed me her new pet!
it's a mice WOW~~
white body long tail red eyes.. small in size OMG SO CUTE!!
so i asked if i could share with her, she agreed! hw nice =D
of cuz i had to pay half of the prize oso la haha -.-''

took some pics~

woah long body =p

so cute!!

hard to capture with it in my hand, he's hyper! -.-'

haha i bet no1 could guess it's name~~
cuz i named it ZAI ZAI (仔仔) xDD

he actually huggg his tail while sleeping X)
enjoy staring at him haha =p


guess wat, i jus killed a COCKROACH!! 15mins b4 i started this post...
dang it! i felt lik crying at tat time cuz nobody's at home! ='X
really jumped up when it suddenly came out frm the corner..
i was lik OMG n didn't know wat to doo!
i knew i cant jus let it go off lik tat..
usually when we see a cockroach we ll just run n hide in the room n let mum do the killing lol ><'
instead i ran n get SHIELDTOX! kept spraying n spraying
thank God i aimed it right cuz i didn't even dare to open my eyes haha -.-'
omg it looked scary even when it's dying..serious! geli..eww~!!

at tat moment my heart beaats real fast.. X'(

oh yea, i killed a cockroach for the 1st time in my life!


planned to go out on fri but canceled *sigh*...
sry snowiee n frens =(


Baldwin said...

wow! *clap clap* kill cockroach werr.. xD

Chea Ru Yen said...

Wow a mice? Will it bite? lol...I pitied the cockroach... poor thing.. ='(

MidnightGurl said...

lol! nvr did such scary thing b4 xD

nope it wun bite hehe =D

Andrew said...

sorry for the offenses on the beach, i sort of know people won't like it but well, just provoking people to get back at me.

yea, your sister better regret it cause I think the community did invite her to the camp.

tips for next time, you only need to spray like 5 second to kill it, do it to save more pesticide for next time, and to create less pollution. =P

MidnightGurl said...

HAHA hey andrew its okay i noe u guys were jus plying..
well i cant even push u zz

i dun und why she refuse to join us too~~

and i was sooo scared tat time! nt in the mood to count 1 to 5 lolss -.-''

Miss Beiyi™ said...

-it's a comment-


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