Jun 26, 2009

at 10:28 AM

wats up? =)

good morning!
lols i skip my class today cuz overslept =='
anyway i heard my frens said tat they re hving gotong royong today,
no big deal i guess X)

i jus saw msn news, saying tat Michael Jackson died!
i was lik WOW~~ he really died? O,o
no comment la, cuz i dun really lik him oso

i gt bck al my exam papers,n i would say tat im quite satisfied with it..
nt very good thou, but sumhw i manage to maintain my results..was average
this round my adMaths 47 only zzzz, but lucky cuz i passed =X
and A1 for Acc LOL! miracles rite? xD i failed in my previous test de lerhh~~~
oh yeah~ hehe

Our scout campfire was held last saturday..and i LUV the gadget lols!

cool huh =)

recently i was soo addicted to facebook haha..
until ive neglected frenster XP


Arnan Koh said...

i have neglected friendster since the beginning of this year. no purpose you see... and no time.

MidnightGurl said...

uh huh.. haha i see no purpose too =X
hw bout facebook? lols


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