Jul 3, 2009

at 3:02 PM

excited =p

hey i jus fell for rubix cube =p
recently it's lik sooo famous in our skul..
tat day i borrowed frm my fren, and i really forgot all the stps n formula ard ><'
so, thx to daddy hehe..he was soo patient with me the other day xD
and well.. so far my best record is 3.42mins.. urgh bad rite
cuz my dad can do lik in 20seconds time..real imba!

praise the lord.. so far h1n1 is still controlable.. =)
i wonder if they ll cancel sban half marathon ? lol
mummy was kinda worried, she asked us better nt go..
but aiks.. i guess by tat time it wont be so serious ady lor~ perhaps..
cuz.. it is really gonna be a big day for me X) hooray!

results were out yst~~
it dropped ==' this time i got the 2nd place, shekinah got 1st..
i compared our markah purata and i was lik WOW SO BIG DIFFERENCE??
haha ==' hers is 79.+ and mine is 73.8 urgh..
she is really smart! i think i better study hard for nxt round and be sure to score better xP

yesterday we, the upper formers went to the hall..
i duno wat should i call tat.. pameran? nope.. ceramah? nono...
erm.. there were those ppl who came frm diff college,to promote their college..
we ll hv tat once every year.. and woahh~~ there really are many choices!!
i went round n round with Ekey to search for courses we re interested in until we were late for class ==''
when we got in, whole class were looking at us..embarassing~
she went all "woah u both take so long, very interested eh?" in a sarcastic way~~ =X
Ekey wana be a counselor..2nd choice would be lawyer..wow, so ambitious hehe
i dun hv an ambition..except those stupid ones we normally had during primary skul..
teacher doctor scientist blah blah lols
but so far, my choice is art & design xP thou my art wasnt very good yet..
tats wat got me soo excited yst.. hw thrilling!
i cant stop talking bout it to my mum =p
p/s: sorry for the exaggeration hehe
one academy is kinda cool..any comment? =)

gosh..i really cant wait to graduate...i smell future~~oh yeah~~~~

haha, mind me


Andrew said...

20 secs... GG. ask him to try the 4x4x4 rubix

chunyau said...

wa ur father really geng wor..
so far my best record also < 1 min onli..

Miss Beiyi™ said...

i put pic in my own blog u oso put, copy cat.......................

MidnightGurl said...

ya lorh, GG ==' ive heard bout 4x4x4 n 5x5x5 but nvr seen b4 @@

chun yau i din noe u ply rubix cube too =p tot only tam so fancy it ==

miss beiyi..i didnt copy ur cat!!
i didnt read ur previous post n i din noe u posted pic too........

thx for reading* =)

Chea Ru Yen said...

lol rubix cub ==" Everyone in class played like mad,esp the guys...good for the mind I guess...but i'm nt dat interested in it lol =p

MidnightGurl said...

haha..ive gt new record ! =p anyway,my class was the other way round..
guys dun ply 1..al the girls are so in luv with it =='


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