Jul 13, 2009

at 5:44 PM


Arghhh~~~ my thighs are killing me~~TT
yst was seremban half marathon..
this year i din get medal, cuz ive lost my spirit!!

anyway i kinda enjoyed it..
im so grateful cuz bei didnt abandon me~ =p
we chatted al the way, and listened to some songs in her hp..
sumtimes it's really good to hv frens around u..
to prevent us frm thinking too much

these days sumthing is really bothering me..
im so scared to stay alone..
becuz it reminds me bout alot of things..

lets put it aside~

after running me n frens went parkson for pizza..
then we walked to t1..
6 of us bought this =p

the necklace is actually for couples..
but we bought them as a sign of frenship.. lols
the other half is a leg =p
and we promised to wear it every saturday in church =)
lols hw cute~~ X)

i had a great time last nite celebrating my frens' bday~
madeline n jenny =)

we went Hawaii Steak House..
when i look thru the menu i was lik WOW~nice price~~
lol =X i ordered the cheapest set, it cost only rm6..
reasonable rite? becuz i ordered children set haha~~
and i shared a blended mocca with frens.. yummy~ =)

the girls~

and the guys~

i reached home around 11pm..
and was exhausted..
imagine, im out at 6 in the morning and bck at 4pm..
took a nap for 1 hour and out again til 11pm lol
then i couldnt slp well for the whole night~

and i fish alot in class today~ *.*

indeed an extraordinary weekend..


Arnan Koh said...

hey... how was marathon... stop sleeping in class and pay attention.

MidnightGurl said...

as usual.. nth special lol
i din get medal this year hmm~
yea i ll try haha


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