Aug 31, 2009

at 2:54 PM

Farewell, my holiday =)

i used to get very down when holidays r near..
weird? yeshh haha
but ppl do chg, so do i..

time really flies, nw i complain for nt hving enuf of holidays..
tmr bck to school, getting ready for results..
ahh! i jus hate to mention it, i dun think i reali studied for this round..
exam week and yet, i on9 everyday!! =X

i went jusco last monday..
and it was the first time i see so little ppl ther lol~
due to the H1N1 virus, and puasa season haha
so me n frens went singK then McDonald then bowling..
nice outing indeed..
and then last friday, went n watch laughing gor at MBO..
again, first time in my life, i watched an 18pl movie haha
after movie we went for dinner then agape church for combine prayer meeting..and supper at A&W until 11pm++
there, another fun outing xP

in fact, i enjoy my holiday very much =)

bei jus customized her blog, chged everything
according to her, she'd spent much time on it..
to visit, click HERE

me n family planned to go kl for book fair today..
but suddenly my mum doesnt want to go.she said she's tired?
aiks... nvm, going without her is pointless lol =(
instead, i went Ming Kok Restaurant with frens this morning..
for me it's more like a branch..haha
becuz we started eating at 11am until 12.30! n im stil full ;p

i stil hv works to do..
to list them down, ther's quite alot actually
hm, anyway..

a very blessed birthday to Malaysia, Carol, and Nyet Joan!

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