Aug 22, 2009

at 11:00 AM

time to blog!

happy weekend!! urm, i mean..HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ^^
exam's i dare nt to imagine my results this round..aikz~

lots things happened thruout the week..
my lil zai zai died on monday ='(

im nt sure wat'd caused him to die..
i fed it cereal the previous day and omg i hope tat doesnt affect him!
miss him alot liao x'[
good thing my sis din put the blame on me~

ive gt another new record for rubix cube~
40 sec HEHE.. very lucky tat round, skipped a few steps lol

i dunno hw to spend my holiday =(
bad news, ekey nt free on sunday... means hv to postpone skating..
planned to go jusco with frens but canceled..
and it's obvious tat h1n1 had caused all theseeee to happen..
=.='' sienz

my ares broke down =X so instead i dl songs n videos with BearShare..
quite nice, but sumtimes it has probs too..

my bro is declared sick, with cough n flu..
he looked very restless, sigh
many ppl fall sick d, so plz take good care of urself yaa~
rmb tat prevention is better than cure, so drink lots coconut drinks lorh =p

i kind of lost touch with the world d.. (LOL)
i dun even noe we hv a new 50dollar note!
yst when i collected this i went all 'SAMUEL!!!!!! is this a fake note?!'


hmm so wats new in the theater?
i wana watch movie~~~

oh boy, i almost 4gotten bout my moral folio.....
teacher wana check after hol... (cry!)
i dunno wher to begin..and wat r we suppose to do? =X

i realize tat the elder i grow, the more kehendak i hv (evil laughs)
becuz my buying list is getting longer n longer~~~~~
my aunt works in a samsung company, and her company is offering handphones with very cheap price!
haha im gonna buy M110 for rm170 =D
with bluetooth camera n mp3 lol~~
thou i wanted a SE hp but well u cant find any cheaper hp with so many stuff inside lol..
but the bad news is the internal memory has only 2MB =='
and they cal it mp3 ringtones?
nvm~ =p

daddy bought a new guitar, it looks nice~ but i stil prefer metal string guitar..
anywy thx daddy~~ =)

yst i received an invitation card.. cool
to fren's bday party..
well i nvr get such invitation card b4..
i mean a proper 1.. with maps n everythin
abit excited haha....

enuf of crappin =p
so i guess i ll jus stop here
gtg church for youth service...
and YAY its a combine meeting!!
its been real long since we had a combine meeting~
looking forward to it *grin*

once again, happy holiday!! =)



AhSamCY said...

hahaha... mui... u really vry outdated jor~~ new RM50 oso donno... study til sot sot jor ah??
wakakaka... xD fster finish ur moral folio lo~~ if nt later giv ur teacher scold err~~ hahaha... ^^

Jonazan said...

you forgot to put contoh on top, breaking the law now, hehe


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