Nov 9, 2009

at 3:43 PM

I Feel Good~~

I got a Feeling~~
Tat tonight's Gonna be a Goodnight~~
Tonight's gonna be a Good Good night~

finally our final year exam was over!
once our last paper was collected,i sang tat song out sooo loud until my frens started to look at me 1 kind ahah =p
suffered alot throughout these 4 weeks, idea why they make it so long!
and even worse, i fall sick the other fri, and hv to resit adMaths n sivik..
real headache, sick of the papers, really!

so ive been M.I.A for quite some time ard..
lols lost touch with frens~ aww

we ve taken bck most of our papers..
and my results r going down the hill =[
or i should say ROLLING down the hill!!
sigh, kinda worried bout my position in whole form... ish

mayb God wan me to learn a lesson, nt to be... akhem, over confidence =p
haha.. bad luck this year cuz my birthday falls on exam period..
unlike previous year, always me the 1 tat gets to celebrate haha!
but thank God for the 1 day holiday LOLs
yeap, NS holiday, which was also my bday, 26th Oct =]
thou im stressed out with exams, but indeed i had a GREAT 16th birthday celebration!

me n bunch of church frens went jusco.. ehehe
yea ure right , we went for karaoke n bowling as well hahaha
here's sum of the pics..

C-R-A-Z-Y them =X

didnt noe ther were sooom any of them! Click Here Lor haha

was so touched hehe ^^ and these r the presents i got..

frm my church frens...
it has an 'E' on the shirt, so i called it the Big Head Edie =p

frm my sis, Jessie..
she gave me 1 week b4 my birthday, aduhh no more surprise lor..hahaha

frm my GodBro, Au yong.. x]
he gave me 2 weeks after my bday LOL... haha nevermind, stil i like it soo much!

love u al muchiee~!
appreciate the pressies, wishes via fs, fb, ffs, sms n so on..
and al the handshakes frm u guys, LOL

i hv sum plans for my holiday..
pray tat i can fulfill them al xP
animes, dramas, movies... here i COME!

im saving up nw for trip n camps and so on..
so i guess i cant join my frens for movies tat often ard ='[

gonna enjoy my holiday to the MAX..
and gonna bid farewell to my sweet sweet 16th , so called the honeymoon year =X

hehe, cant wait til dec! my al time favourite festival.. CHRISTMAS~
we re hving caroling this year, lols excited =p
and also genting trip with some of my chruch frens..

lol jus hope tat my results wun ruined my holiday mood~
*evil laughs*

wishing al my dear frensss who r sitting for SPM this year..
AL the BEST for ya exam and relax urself kayz
uphold everythin to God, He ll hv his wayss..
will also rmb u al in my prayer..
cya, mwahs!


Chea Ru Yen said...

Wow u sound so happy in your blog xD...and yea glad dat you had a happy birthday =)...That big head eide very cute leh!!! Gosh and dat shoe very nice leh..ur sis really knw how to choose ;D ask frm her where she bought it frm =p

MidnightGurl said...

hehe thxx ^^

lols yep luving it hahaha~
she bought at railway station lols =p


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