Jan 14, 2010

at 6:24 PM

Hyper O,O

oh man im soo happy rite nw..
went town... and i spent almost 100bux!
well, more than tat i could say..
1st we went pasar, bought a pair of shorts.. it's in orange O,o
thn bought a top which is in black n pink.. (again!)
lol =.= if any1 were to open my cupboard, u ll see everythin in only pink n black.. err 90% of them haha.. no idea y but ya, black always comes first hehe..~

then, we went T1 n lepak awhile..
wanted to look for pants but suddenly the sales at ground floor caught my attention..
i jus cant bliff my eyes, it's ANIME!! i was like WOW~~~~ cheapest only sell for rm5!
so yea, i went round n round looking for Inuyasha, Full Moon, n some others.. but sadly i found none in my list.. but i bought 4 sets of them.. some random picking, with nice nice cover haha..

okay after paying, tot it's time to go home lor..
but then suddenly my aunt stops at a digi shop.. n i simply asked for a memory card..
ther goes my rm40~~ishh..
but woah, i own a memory card, like FINALLY lols =p

*ticking off things frm my buying list*

Luv Y'll! =]

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