Jan 4, 2010

at 3:39 PM

the very First post of 2010! yoo =p

Happy (belated) Birthday to Jesus!
and Happy New Year to All of u!

haha, i received the best christmas giftsss last year (2009)
wana noe wat were they?
nt telling.. LOL~! (lame) =X

was indeed the favourite month of mine..
i always love December hehehhe
also, i went for genting trip with a group of my church frens on the 27th-29th Dec..
ther were 12 of us..
and i enjoyed the trip very much..
something memorable for me b4 i face the biggest fear of all Form5's..
u noe wat it is..

lol! anyway, below is our one n only group photo in genting =p

to view more photos, click HERE

2010 is here, and all tat i can think of is exam, exam, and EXAMss..
first day of school was booooooring!
until ive fell aslp lool =X
dun noe why, i started to feel the stress of exams ad..
uhh, phobia =(

got our text books todae, and teacher started lessons too..
lolz, the only difference is my seat hehe
no more sitting in front, which is a relief for me..

on my left i hv the smartie, Ekey and on my right, i hv the cutie, Joyce..
aint important anyway xD

every1 enjoyed their upper forms life..
they got to study with their gd frens, had reali great time talking, plying together..
had fun in the class, went thru hard times together, so n so..

but for me, i would prefer my lower forms life..
i seperated with my gd best frens..
those were the days.... ahhh! =)

i once belong to a bunch of girls
which is called the

but now

i belong to a class of people
which is called
5 Melur


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