Jan 13, 2010

at 8:44 PM


Oh Yes! the feel of blogging is coming back..
yes yes.. im feeling it right nw x)


urm, kiez.. nevermind..

well, tmr is holiday for us in NS..
Yamtuan's bday.. wulala~
tot of waking up late.. afterall it's HOLIDAY..
mana tau need to go over to my neighbour's place to give tui tmr morning..
means to wake at 9am.. ishh.. ='X and then going out to town with mum..
she's buying me a pair of shorts tat i wanted for so long..

oh yea hehees

im quite happy cuz get to skip thurs classes..
worst day of the week - Thursday..
lemme tell u why..
2 periods of Maths, 2 periods of SC, 2 of Acc n 2 of Moral..
for goodness sake, tats really terrible..
and then staying bck in skul every thursday for chess training..
bck home at 4, shower n stuff, giving tui at 7.30 until 9pm..
wooh.. i cant imagine anymore lols =.=

till then, buaix!


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