Feb 28, 2010

at 11:50 PM

Fancy-free.. It's Midnight!

Wed is our school's Sports Day.. ive been selected to run for Sapphire..
when teacher told me im gonna run 10rounds of school field, i was stunned for a sec.. =.=
she asked in a reali nice way which made me feel bad even to hesitate..
when i finally said yes, she grabbed my hand n said ' yeaaaaa~ good girl!'
ahah.. nah it doesnt matter, its nt lik i ll get 100k if i finish the 10rounds O,o
so yea, rilekkkk~ xD
but be sure to hear me complain after the run..lols

below r sum of the photos taken durin cny...

revealing to u...
the real us..


my bro practically spoilt this pic.. =.='

whee~ high xD

ohyea, i got my new specs n it's in blue..


late ard, gotta goooo..
nightys! =)

Feb 23, 2010

at 12:42 PM

home..alone.. o,o

For absenteeism, press 9

i skipped skul today n i dun hv a slip or note to explain.. o,o
jus b4 i stepped outa my house this morning, my stomach.. refused to cooperate..
the bus was waiting but again, *Ouch! i rushed to the toilet..
dang it, bad luck..
mum told the auntie to go.. so yeah, reason y i hv the time to blog right nw..

Just in a blink of an eye, cny holidays has goneeee....~ sad! angpaos nt enuf =x
truth to b told, this whole week of holiday i kinda enjoyed myself.. *grin
nt the angpaosss, but the time i had with my frens whee~
n in total, i watched 4movies thurout the week..
Percy Jackson was the BEST! but i enjoyed Wolfman da most~ =p

Me n my church frens went bai nian on thursday..
it started with only 2 cars..
and ended with...5..! lol xD i pitied auntie Emily, al 22 of us.. being so..materialistic o,o
but hey, it's chinese new year xP

And Friday.. was indeed, a Bliss... *smiles


* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

don't ask me

* * *
stressed with homeworkss..

an evening stroll, would be nice..

walking, nt to get somewhere,
but walking,
just for the sake of walking..

Feb 12, 2010

at 10:14 AM

My.. Eyes.. gahhhhhh!

i lost my specs.. in a shopping complex..

it was last fri..
and i only realized it the nxt morning..
i went like.... 'oh man not again!'
mum's nt buying me a new 1.. =(
gotta save myself..
in the mean time
ive appointed Ekey to be my temporary eyes lolx xD

yst, cik zalilah asked me to join marchin for school level..
i said no, and she said no too.. wat nonsense..
ive gt choir, ive gt training.. no way!

stil hving flu.. n cny is here =(

Feb 10, 2010

at 3:53 PM


Jane is urging me to update my blog =X

no idea why but yeahh here's my short post..

went for cross country last sat, 6th Feb.. *wooo~

heh, my sijil pemenang and medal =p

me, jane n joyce took lotsa pix.. the 3J!


I. Need. A. Memory card. Reader. BADLY..



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