Feb 28, 2010

at 11:50 PM

Fancy-free.. It's Midnight!

Wed is our school's Sports Day.. ive been selected to run for Sapphire..
when teacher told me im gonna run 10rounds of school field, i was stunned for a sec.. =.=
she asked in a reali nice way which made me feel bad even to hesitate..
when i finally said yes, she grabbed my hand n said ' yeaaaaa~ good girl!'
ahah.. nah it doesnt matter, its nt lik i ll get 100k if i finish the 10rounds O,o
so yea, rilekkkk~ xD
but be sure to hear me complain after the run..lols

below r sum of the photos taken durin cny...

revealing to u...
the real us..


my bro practically spoilt this pic.. =.='

whee~ high xD

ohyea, i got my new specs n it's in blue..


late ard, gotta goooo..
nightys! =)

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