Mar 27, 2010

at 12:22 PM


It's Saturday!

yeshh, i always luv Saturdays =)
going church soon in half an hour time..

exam week had passed, but i skipped my tues paper, replacing on Monday..
Bi n PM, well, no worriesss hehe

went for chess tournament on tues..
i hv to admit tat i didnt ply quite well this year.. lols
i won 3 games, lost 2 n draw 1, total point was 3.5..
honestly i din hv the courage to check my ranking hahaa
it sure dropped! last year ranked 4.. and 1 point diff can jus pull u dwn the list!
my team lost =x 12.5p in total..
but the boys team got 2nd place, gratz hehe =)

reached home around 6.45pm..
and i ard used up all my energy for da day! too much of thinking..arghh..
and the nxt day i had adMaths n Sc..
lols, adMaths can die liao.. but sc was quite okay, cuz we had time lag in between =p

and for the rest of the day, i would say i was torn between delight and exasperation..
for the good perhaps.. great experience!

the last 2 papers were accounts n sejarah..
out of the 30 obj questions for sej, i only und 5 of them..xP
and for tat 2 subjective, lallala..
i nvr leave it blank.. blundered out sum stupid answers..
as for acc, i focused on the wrong topic..
did alot of mistakes..
and ther were only 2 questions...
which means, each of them consists of..50..marks...!
well, nth much to comment..
two words..

im dead..


another night alone...

feeling a surge of pain in my heart..
the loneliness within..


staring off into the dark sky, i see the moon..
my mind go wild, i think deep.. deeper, and deeper..

i never wanna say goodbye..
each time u turn n leave,
my heart aches..
but yet, ur presence lingered..

so,could u please..

Mar 26, 2010

at 8:59 PM

please just ignore...

school @@

chess =S

seminar =x


mcD =D


fatty! 's' ==!

$$ >/

snap =p

delayed!! Zz

late TT

stories ><

unbelievable~ o.o

guitly =(

happy =)


the end*


Mar 23, 2010

at 4:26 PM

*sim tia...


today's papers...sux..
first monthly test is never hard, but the only thing i hate bout it is the marking system..
a small stupid mistake, u can wave goodbye to 4marks, or even more than tat...

EA n BM was okay.. but i wun hope for an A.. =(
maths is nvr a prob, any1 would hv agreed lol..
i finished my bc paper quite early, nvr bother to check my ans..
cuz no matter hw many times i read it, i jus dun get it =x
heh, i layed on my desk for a moment n went Zzz..
omg, summore gt dreams lerhhh~ wheee xD

(..nth to b proud of larh dong!..)

the only paper i beh song bout myself is EA..
i spent quite sum time memorizing lerh... =(
(last minute thou..)
i only read thru point 3.1, tot it isnt tat imp
n dang the last few questions, were exactly the part i never revise!..
my goodness, and ther goes my 20 marks.......

last nite it was.. again i slept late..
mannn, 2 days in a row.. n i dun need any caffeine to help me stay awake =x
cool huh.. i hv companion~

anyway, im going SMK Panchor tmr for chess tournament..

leaving at 7am.. all the best for tmr's papers le frenss~ rmb give tips yea..
LOL haha.. nolahh i wun do tat really.. lol

wil update tmr if i hv time..
wel jus incase ure reading o.o


Mar 22, 2010

at 3:35 PM

A day before.. *worn-out

Tmr's my test..
my so called hardcore study failed.. lol
sadden.. =(

i slept around 4am last nite..
tried to study, but it was just a total wste of time..
i managed to stay awake by listening songs n had sum snacks haha..
covered a little of EA.. but only a lil, sighhh....

so i slept for only 2hours last nite, planned nt to go school..
but since today was the last day b4 test, thought teacher might give some tips.. heh xD
and so they did! nt much of teaching todae tho..
first 2 periods were my bed time o.o whee..
and funny hw i can stay wide awake for the rest of my day!

haha.. even nw i dun feel tired.. roarrr~!

just got to noe tat my chess tournament is on Wed..
i hv 2 papers on tat day, BI n PM.. aihs need to replace =(
worse still, it ends at 5.30pm..

Hw m i gonna revise for the nxt dayyyy TT


pray for me..!~



Mar 19, 2010

at 11:01 AM

Let's get it started!

I am determined. tired or not, im gonna hardcore study today! >|
i kinda forgot hw caffeine can keep me hours n hours long after ive had it..
even when i do finally sleep, it's restlesss..
this was wat happen bck when i was in form3..~
hmm should i? ahah..
omg, it's jus a monthly test, y m i getting so anxious..

newayyy, im bck frm CIA Camp and indeed it was a funnn one..
truly blessed..
mum said im a little tanned.. ish but i feel it's worth larh haha..
and i was quite surprised cuz we took more than 500 pix altogehter =x

Check these out! =)

Tijen's Camera Part 1
Tijen's Camera Part 2
Kelvin's Camera
Carol's Camera
Arnan's Camera

few of my favourites..

Shield of Faith
frm left, Melissa :: Joey (Assist Ld) :: Kreuz :: Tijen :: Albee:: Kelvin (Ld)

CIA Campers 2010!

my half-completed piece of work.. o.o


my holiday had been a truly enjoyable n memorable 1..
hung out with my church frens on Wed night..
i din noe i can ply pool! or mayb lucky nia lols xD
went 'hou mei' yam cha, it wasnt the first time i go.. n i lurvv da ps ther..
they had it ther for customers, so we get to ply for freee~! whhhee~
plyed with tijen n kreuz.. ehhh i gt skill also 1 okiee! *evil laughss
thers also a note written..

'please queue up, winner stays'

yeng sial!!
the drinks were cool.. i had sumthin lik iced chocolate, but forgot the name liao..
reached home around 12.30am..

and here comes my Thurs..
gave tui as usual at 5pm.. took a short nap n went kfc with chee jong n gang..
lol, purpose is to celebrate for his results.. yea he passed it withh flying colours!
had great fun with them.. =)
n sry tijen, didnt get to join u b4 u head bck JB.. all the best in life dude, must come bck visit often ar! stay faithful, we ll b praying for u =D

xo xo

As I gazed into ur eyes
I could see the entrance to your soul
I felt the emotion
which has made me whole
I have heard the sound
of my heart pounding from within
I have seen you in my dreams
wishin you were here when i wake
I could feel the pain in my heart
when u leave me with your smile
Moments we had
shall never fade
And hence,
eternally sealed..



Mar 11, 2010

at 5:35 PM

I can wait no more..

whee it's holiday again =))
but well, nt much excitements thou..
our test drops on the 23rd, which is the Tuesday after hol.....
it only lasts for 3 days, but ahh, sickening..~

and here comes the Senior Camp 2010 =D
yet again, it's a Senior Camp!
and i just got to noe tat im the youngest among the campers lol o,o
ohh well, sumtimes being called the 'senior' is quite, u noe.. lik 'yea im the boss..'
huahah~ nt a bad thing afteral =)
it's a 3D2N camp, hope i can relax myself disregard of ma test..

yesterday i stayed bck for choir.. nt many turned up, but at least i got to teach them the new song..
the alto part, according to the pianist, has no problem.. well apparently..
she even showed her piano teacher, also a choir teacher herself..
but to me... it sounded odd..
doesn't match with the chords and the melody..
gahhh! i was a little unhappy thou =[ (jus a little o..o)
so when teacher finally came, we sang it to show her..
n thank goodness, she felt the same too.. man, i tot i was the only one....
so wel, i kinda lik modified the alto part a little.. and hey, teacher likes it =D
dun get me wrong, im nt being boasful =)
hehe, jus wana thank God for giving me the ability to.. u noe..
shit wat u call it... LOL

(forget it!) xD

lols, jus 3minutes ago while i was stil typing this post..
mummy came home... @@
im =x

p/s: to whoever is reading this, please! shhhhhhhh~

i x sempat wana off comp, so i was like..

hi mii, how cum so early todaeeee~~~?
oh yaa mii, i need to find sum materials for moral folio.. i online ya..
(excuses nia LoL)


mii i helped u to hang clothes ard.. later mop floor kay..

she remained silence.. i had no idea wat was going thru her mind..
but wahahah, luckily my brain turned fast.. manage to give sum... lame excuses..
nt exactly excuses lahh... at least i tried to find some article, for moral folio kononnye..

im going to St.Paul tmr with ekey, just to check out their PA system..
we ll b going ther on Saturday morning for interschool cf..
whee =)
we re gonna present a short sketch.. reason y i stayed bck todae.. is for da practice..

hmm so yeah, basically im here just to update bout some upcoming events..

more to come, so stay tuned =p


Mar 9, 2010

at 4:30 PM

who cares..

o yeahhh....~
so, quiz has postponed! date has nt confirmed yet..
i read the notice online last night, tot it was jus a mistake or sumthin..
afteral teacher nvr tel anything also..

jus before we got in the car todae, i told teacher bout it..
so she went like 'wooot?! is tat truee?'
duh? =.='
she called, and yeahh...i was right... o,o
teacher almost went #$*%(^)&*!@^*&....
ahh chill la hahaha..

hm i cant tel whether it's a gd or a bad news..
i hv a feeling tat it might b clashin with other stuff since march is always my busiest month =(..

i brought my hp todae.. which is wat i dun usually do x) (gd gurl la wehh~lol)
my earphones r with me too..
so when teacher's nt in the class, u noooee-lahh...
music was on, while i was crackin head duin my accounts..
damn i luuuurvvvv da feeelin..~!
sumhw music jus curedd alll my stress..

fuhh, i left only 2 questions for account.. proudnye xD

Mar 8, 2010

at 5:17 PM

omg so cool! lol

As can be seen, ive chged my blog skin!
Luuuuving it! wat do ya think? =))
thx also to bei larhh haha..
someone whom i shared my highness with xD

the colour is cool, but i felt lik sumthin's missin..
wat could it b? @@

well, ther are more to come.. u ll see me chging it frm time to time xD
urm, tats if i hv the time larhh~~ heh

miss my sister..


Mar 5, 2010

at 10:10 PM

ownage! ahahah




Mar 4, 2010

at 4:18 PM

Mixed-up Feelings..

dang it.. feelin so sleepy todae =.=
anyway here's a quick post..

thank God chess training canceled..
else i ll 100% go offline during training xD lol

me n another 2 frens of mine were selected to go for a quiz..
when teacher called me out i was a lil surprised.. why me? o,o
and wats worse is.. it relates with PA n EA.. uhhhh...
also, teacher asked us to read a little bout Kewangan n Perdagangan...


i dun even hv time for my homeworks, n nw ure giving me more to do X.x

anyway, the quiz is at SMK S2 on nxt Tues..
i only care bout my koko marks, becuz it's peringkat negeri heh~

since it also helps a lil in my coming test..
guess i ll give it a try lorhhhh.....

lala.. tmr choir.. finally... whhee~


'-' Joe '-'

Mar 3, 2010

at 11:41 AM

Never Fading


x x x


x x x


x x x


x x x


x x x

bck when
we were all stil immatured..
did stupid things..
fooled around..
childish stuff..
crazy ideas..
silly acts..

Time goes by so fast..
Friends come n go..
Never miss the opportunity
to tell them,
how much
they mean to you.

# # #

p/s: shit, i jus realized hw ugly my drawings were!

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