Mar 23, 2010

at 4:26 PM

*sim tia...


today's papers...sux..
first monthly test is never hard, but the only thing i hate bout it is the marking system..
a small stupid mistake, u can wave goodbye to 4marks, or even more than tat...

EA n BM was okay.. but i wun hope for an A.. =(
maths is nvr a prob, any1 would hv agreed lol..
i finished my bc paper quite early, nvr bother to check my ans..
cuz no matter hw many times i read it, i jus dun get it =x
heh, i layed on my desk for a moment n went Zzz..
omg, summore gt dreams lerhhh~ wheee xD

(..nth to b proud of larh dong!..)

the only paper i beh song bout myself is EA..
i spent quite sum time memorizing lerh... =(
(last minute thou..)
i only read thru point 3.1, tot it isnt tat imp
n dang the last few questions, were exactly the part i never revise!..
my goodness, and ther goes my 20 marks.......

last nite it was.. again i slept late..
mannn, 2 days in a row.. n i dun need any caffeine to help me stay awake =x
cool huh.. i hv companion~

anyway, im going SMK Panchor tmr for chess tournament..

leaving at 7am.. all the best for tmr's papers le frenss~ rmb give tips yea..
LOL haha.. nolahh i wun do tat really.. lol

wil update tmr if i hv time..
wel jus incase ure reading o.o



Ken Fei said...

har har... who call u so late sleep~ good luck on ur papers lol~

o.O chess? no wonder got online la... no need exam o?~

K咖 said...

i dun hav EA
bt gt BIO
sux! failed!
BM erm...
BC really dunno wat the essay talking about at all! & the poem...==
Only maths OK 2day... TT

MidnightGurl said...

i ll replace my papers nxt week lols~
yea lah, only maths okay todae...
sim tiaa larh haiz T.T

HKK Jirokay said...

Wat mean sim tia?~

Tiny Tan said...

You sure you are going to chess tournament the next day?? XD
Anyway good luck wif ur test~~
ganbateh oo...

MidnightGurl said...

kay- sim tia = heart pain (direct translation) ehheh

tiny- sure larhhh, i told u wat.. lolsss

(KDJ)²-[]ulian said...

LOL~ who accompany u ? =P

MidnightGurl said...

u laaaa! xD
n my other gors too lalala~


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