Mar 22, 2010

at 3:35 PM

A day before.. *worn-out

Tmr's my test..
my so called hardcore study failed.. lol
sadden.. =(

i slept around 4am last nite..
tried to study, but it was just a total wste of time..
i managed to stay awake by listening songs n had sum snacks haha..
covered a little of EA.. but only a lil, sighhh....

so i slept for only 2hours last nite, planned nt to go school..
but since today was the last day b4 test, thought teacher might give some tips.. heh xD
and so they did! nt much of teaching todae tho..
first 2 periods were my bed time o.o whee..
and funny hw i can stay wide awake for the rest of my day!

haha.. even nw i dun feel tired.. roarrr~!

just got to noe tat my chess tournament is on Wed..
i hv 2 papers on tat day, BI n PM.. aihs need to replace =(
worse still, it ends at 5.30pm..

Hw m i gonna revise for the nxt dayyyy TT


pray for me..!~





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