Mar 27, 2010

at 12:22 PM


It's Saturday!

yeshh, i always luv Saturdays =)
going church soon in half an hour time..

exam week had passed, but i skipped my tues paper, replacing on Monday..
Bi n PM, well, no worriesss hehe

went for chess tournament on tues..
i hv to admit tat i didnt ply quite well this year.. lols
i won 3 games, lost 2 n draw 1, total point was 3.5..
honestly i din hv the courage to check my ranking hahaa
it sure dropped! last year ranked 4.. and 1 point diff can jus pull u dwn the list!
my team lost =x 12.5p in total..
but the boys team got 2nd place, gratz hehe =)

reached home around 6.45pm..
and i ard used up all my energy for da day! too much of thinking..arghh..
and the nxt day i had adMaths n Sc..
lols, adMaths can die liao.. but sc was quite okay, cuz we had time lag in between =p

and for the rest of the day, i would say i was torn between delight and exasperation..
for the good perhaps.. great experience!

the last 2 papers were accounts n sejarah..
out of the 30 obj questions for sej, i only und 5 of them..xP
and for tat 2 subjective, lallala..
i nvr leave it blank.. blundered out sum stupid answers..
as for acc, i focused on the wrong topic..
did alot of mistakes..
and ther were only 2 questions...
which means, each of them consists of..50..marks...!
well, nth much to comment..
two words..

im dead..



Ken Fei said...

lol from ur post knew that u really cham in exam tis time XD! nvm la... just a monthly test. Now know urself not enough hardworking then next time try to be more concentrate lo. =)

Just f5 dude =) before spm u still cant say 'im dead' ^^ jia you~

MidnightGurl said...

got bck few papers, lol reali die.. haha
yea when the time comes, i =x

Ken Fei said...

i wonder when the 'time' will come =D

MidnightGurl said...

when i hv the mood =DD


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