Mar 11, 2010

at 5:35 PM

I can wait no more..

whee it's holiday again =))
but well, nt much excitements thou..
our test drops on the 23rd, which is the Tuesday after hol.....
it only lasts for 3 days, but ahh, sickening..~

and here comes the Senior Camp 2010 =D
yet again, it's a Senior Camp!
and i just got to noe tat im the youngest among the campers lol o,o
ohh well, sumtimes being called the 'senior' is quite, u noe.. lik 'yea im the boss..'
huahah~ nt a bad thing afteral =)
it's a 3D2N camp, hope i can relax myself disregard of ma test..

yesterday i stayed bck for choir.. nt many turned up, but at least i got to teach them the new song..
the alto part, according to the pianist, has no problem.. well apparently..
she even showed her piano teacher, also a choir teacher herself..
but to me... it sounded odd..
doesn't match with the chords and the melody..
gahhh! i was a little unhappy thou =[ (jus a little o..o)
so when teacher finally came, we sang it to show her..
n thank goodness, she felt the same too.. man, i tot i was the only one....
so wel, i kinda lik modified the alto part a little.. and hey, teacher likes it =D
dun get me wrong, im nt being boasful =)
hehe, jus wana thank God for giving me the ability to.. u noe..
shit wat u call it... LOL

(forget it!) xD

lols, jus 3minutes ago while i was stil typing this post..
mummy came home... @@
im =x

p/s: to whoever is reading this, please! shhhhhhhh~

i x sempat wana off comp, so i was like..

hi mii, how cum so early todaeeee~~~?
oh yaa mii, i need to find sum materials for moral folio.. i online ya..
(excuses nia LoL)


mii i helped u to hang clothes ard.. later mop floor kay..

she remained silence.. i had no idea wat was going thru her mind..
but wahahah, luckily my brain turned fast.. manage to give sum... lame excuses..
nt exactly excuses lahh... at least i tried to find some article, for moral folio kononnye..

im going to St.Paul tmr with ekey, just to check out their PA system..
we ll b going ther on Saturday morning for interschool cf..
whee =)
we re gonna present a short sketch.. reason y i stayed bck todae.. is for da practice..

hmm so yeah, basically im here just to update bout some upcoming events..

more to come, so stay tuned =p



Chea Ru Yen said...

yooooorrrrr i wanna go interschool too~~~~ rmb to blog about it when u come back ah!!!!

MidnightGurl said...

ahahh, suree =))

HKK Jirokay said...

"mii i helped u to hang clothes ard.. later mop floor kay.."These sentence are so Geng Lorrr...Lolz~~

MidnightGurl said...

of course.. who am i? xD


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