Mar 19, 2010

at 11:01 AM

Let's get it started!

I am determined. tired or not, im gonna hardcore study today! >|
i kinda forgot hw caffeine can keep me hours n hours long after ive had it..
even when i do finally sleep, it's restlesss..
this was wat happen bck when i was in form3..~
hmm should i? ahah..
omg, it's jus a monthly test, y m i getting so anxious..

newayyy, im bck frm CIA Camp and indeed it was a funnn one..
truly blessed..
mum said im a little tanned.. ish but i feel it's worth larh haha..
and i was quite surprised cuz we took more than 500 pix altogehter =x

Check these out! =)

Tijen's Camera Part 1
Tijen's Camera Part 2
Kelvin's Camera
Carol's Camera
Arnan's Camera

few of my favourites..

Shield of Faith
frm left, Melissa :: Joey (Assist Ld) :: Kreuz :: Tijen :: Albee:: Kelvin (Ld)

CIA Campers 2010!

my half-completed piece of work.. o.o


my holiday had been a truly enjoyable n memorable 1..
hung out with my church frens on Wed night..
i din noe i can ply pool! or mayb lucky nia lols xD
went 'hou mei' yam cha, it wasnt the first time i go.. n i lurvv da ps ther..
they had it ther for customers, so we get to ply for freee~! whhhee~
plyed with tijen n kreuz.. ehhh i gt skill also 1 okiee! *evil laughss
thers also a note written..

'please queue up, winner stays'

yeng sial!!
the drinks were cool.. i had sumthin lik iced chocolate, but forgot the name liao..
reached home around 12.30am..

and here comes my Thurs..
gave tui as usual at 5pm.. took a short nap n went kfc with chee jong n gang..
lol, purpose is to celebrate for his results.. yea he passed it withh flying colours!
had great fun with them.. =)
n sry tijen, didnt get to join u b4 u head bck JB.. all the best in life dude, must come bck visit often ar! stay faithful, we ll b praying for u =D

xo xo

As I gazed into ur eyes
I could see the entrance to your soul
I felt the emotion
which has made me whole
I have heard the sound
of my heart pounding from within
I have seen you in my dreams
wishin you were here when i wake
I could feel the pain in my heart
when u leave me with your smile
Moments we had
shall never fade
And hence,
eternally sealed..



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