Mar 4, 2010

at 4:18 PM

Mixed-up Feelings..

dang it.. feelin so sleepy todae =.=
anyway here's a quick post..

thank God chess training canceled..
else i ll 100% go offline during training xD lol

me n another 2 frens of mine were selected to go for a quiz..
when teacher called me out i was a lil surprised.. why me? o,o
and wats worse is.. it relates with PA n EA.. uhhhh...
also, teacher asked us to read a little bout Kewangan n Perdagangan...


i dun even hv time for my homeworks, n nw ure giving me more to do X.x

anyway, the quiz is at SMK S2 on nxt Tues..
i only care bout my koko marks, becuz it's peringkat negeri heh~

since it also helps a lil in my coming test..
guess i ll give it a try lorhhhh.....

lala.. tmr choir.. finally... whhee~


'-' Joe '-'


Miss Beiyi™ said...

ehhh... me 2day oso si beh tired..
bored with 2days periods...
mm admm.. bc, 2 pm, 2 bm ==!!
ur rite.. DANG IT!
sumo gt ttn~ == nt enuf slp..
freakin tiredddddddddddd

MidnightGurl said...

yesh la walao..
i think i slept more in class this year compare to last year o,o
2 acc, 2 bc, 2 ea!


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