Mar 9, 2010

at 4:30 PM

who cares..

o yeahhh....~
so, quiz has postponed! date has nt confirmed yet..
i read the notice online last night, tot it was jus a mistake or sumthin..
afteral teacher nvr tel anything also..

jus before we got in the car todae, i told teacher bout it..
so she went like 'wooot?! is tat truee?'
duh? =.='
she called, and yeahh...i was right... o,o
teacher almost went #$*%(^)&*!@^*&....
ahh chill la hahaha..

hm i cant tel whether it's a gd or a bad news..
i hv a feeling tat it might b clashin with other stuff since march is always my busiest month =(..

i brought my hp todae.. which is wat i dun usually do x) (gd gurl la wehh~lol)
my earphones r with me too..
so when teacher's nt in the class, u noooee-lahh...
music was on, while i was crackin head duin my accounts..
damn i luuuurvvvv da feeelin..~!
sumhw music jus curedd alll my stress..

fuhh, i left only 2 questions for account.. proudnye xD

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