Apr 30, 2010

at 10:26 PM

A dedicated entry..

I hereby dedicate this entry to someone out there..
you know who u r! a long-waited post, jus for ya! =)

good things come to those who wait, so r u waiting? loll~

once upon a moonlit night, deep thoughts were filled..
feelings of helplessness invaded as i scanned through my msn contact list..
frm 'favourites' to 'friends'.. and to 'others'..
i have so much to tell, but there was none tat i could trust..
its nvr good bottling things up.. and 'personal message' was my only shoutout box..
a short message was posted..but it didnt help..
until later, there was a pop-out chatbox..n yea, it was u..

u asked me something, something regarding my personal message..
it struck me, it was as if God has just sent me someone..
i hesitated, but in the end i chose to utter everythin out frm my mind..
a sense of relief n calm came upon as i took ur advice to make some changes..

since then, i know ure a trusted fren, and a fren tat i can count on =)

as time passed, we got closer by not just chatting but also 'insulting' =x for fun of course lol..
more topics were brought up and also FFS! lol....

to you who have always been there to lend ur ears..
you have always had time to listen, and even gave me advice..
i see u as a fren tat God has put in my life for a purpose..
i expressed, i listened, i learned, and i moved on...

months ago, we've discussed bout our 'gor-mui-ship' (if u noe wat i mean)
lol... a yes or a no, we dragged for almost a week...and finally decided..

it was a yes, until this very moment..
today my gor, forever my gor.. =)

we may not share everythin..
but deep down, we know wher we stand..

to you, gor..
thanks for every bit of attention uve paid..
thanks for every single advice uve given..
thanks for every words uve said to make me feel better..
thanks for everything, as in, everything...

Julian Lee, gorgorku..

everytime i thank God,
for giving me a gor like you..

again,a dedicated post..

to someone who cares for me,

and to someone whom i care..

dun cry ar gor.. xD



Miss Beiyi™ said...

LOL u holding tat thingy is chicken o?? LOL u thank god 4 d chicken or ur gorrrr??!! LOL

MidnightGurl said...

loL! da chicken he cooked for me geh noe xD

xuan.. said...


Grace Gan said...

wow..such a genuine post, i knew it when i read along ur post, bingo, is him!! hehe. That's why God has been so great to us that He knows what's the best for us at that moment. Take care my dear sis in Christ ^_6

MidnightGurl said...

yehh take care qian qian jiejie...
mishh u loadss~


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