Apr 4, 2010

at 1:48 PM

yay i blogged! =x

this whole week had been somewhat rough, partly becuz of my results..
i wouldn't comment much bout it thou, cuz i noe it's nt my best yet..
u can call my class the deligent one, but definately not me O,o
their deligence scared me reali, lol..
anyway, u reap what u sow..

most of my grades dropped drastically..
wel dun worry larh people, i wont get discourage..
yet again, u reap what u sow..

the other monday, i was caught 'fishing' in class xD
Ms Claire went lik, 'ehhhh, dont sleep yettt~'
cuz i was trying hard to stay awake.. and i manually kept my eyes open LOL
ok i hope u get wat i mean.. xD
amazed thou, it wasnt my first time, but she wanst angry..

finally i got to transfer songs into my phone... ='DD
thx Raymond!
ive been waited for long, since the one i bought, refuses to cooperate..darn

stayed bck in school for gotong-royong on Wed..
supposed to start at 2 and end at 3..
lol let me tel u hw it went..

- short taklimat took 15mins..
- 5mins for grouping n to distribute rubbish bags..
- 5mins to write names
- another 5 mins for us to go to diff corners of school..

it officially started at 2.25pm.. lols
to my surprise, ther werent much rubbish for us to collect..
our school quite clean sia lerhh~ hehe
10mins later, i could feel little raindrops fallin on my palms..
yes, yeshhh! it rained.. =)

i enjoyed it, when the sky drizzled on me..
but tooo baddd, it got stronger, and.i.was.wearing.milo.shirt.. =x
u noe wat i mean..
sien, we waited for the rain to stop..
but lalaa, it didnt.. =x

so we headed to bilik masakan for teaaa..
they called it tea..
and wat i got were doughnut n orange juice.. ==

so in conclusion, u cant say its a gotong-royong..
n i got home around 3.45pm..
ishh, wat a waste of time =(
sei minky, the nxt time i see u, immmma show u sum 'gratitute'.. wachaa*

jus 2 days ago we had choir practice as usual..
it is NVR easy handling choir al by urself.. sigh..
siangg nii my beloved pianisssst, nvr leave me alone againn~..
my friday wasnt very pleasing.. my sim card was blocked..zz
blame my itchy hands.. ==
but its fixed nw..

Derek got his first pay, and he treated us an indeed good meal.. The Manhattan x)
together with Kay n Justina.. ~thx Dereeek! *winkz
watched Clash of the Titans...
go watch my kawans~ u ll luv it xD

woookie, task completed, buaix budddds =)




Ken Fei said...

OMG~! Clash of Titans! T_T i wanna watch it...~sob~

these days got many nice movies ler... clash of titans... how to train your dragon. and coming soon! iron man 2 and prince of persia XD~

MidnightGurl said...

yeaaa but i dun hv time for all of them =(

xuan.. said...

haha^^sure hkk got many happy story 2 tel me....

MidnightGurl said...

LOL...wait for me, i shall also tell u stories.. haha

HKK Jirokay said...

Ehhmmmm...tell ''shi dai ha''larr...LOLz~~


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