May 9, 2010

at 1:00 PM

a not-quite-wordless weekend

Well first and foremost,

Happy Mothers' Day!


wat r u expecting.. another post for mummy?
to list everythin tat my mum has done for us, this will surely b a never ending post..
so maaa~
thx for everything..!
lurve uuu =)

i wanted to blog about everythin tat has happened..since i kinda MIA..
lol but its alooot xD
trust me, u wun wan me to do tat..

weeks ago, my mum frightened me by asking for my blog linkk...
i went all 'OHHHHHHHHHHH~~ for? O.O'
hehe again it was weeks ago.. and if u read my previous post, my comp gg-ed..

u noe lahh, moms maa... she wher can remember ohh? =x

so peeeeople, if one day u see me deleting some of my blog posts..
u noe wat happen larh.. xD

our skul had education expo last week..
i randomly sat at one table, the guy frm Dasein Academy of Art was interesting lol!
uh wait, no.. lame is the word.. == the courses sumhw caught my attention, but well im stil considering.. finance is one of my problem..
anyway, God has His ways.. =)

11th May will be my Not-So-Important-Yet-Important Exam..o.o
yeah my midterm exam, just so you know..
this morning i said sumthing to mom, sumthin stupid..or was it? =x
lols, i said.. 'mii, i noe wat to give you for Mothers' Day liao'..
and guess wat?

*drum rolls*

yeh.. my results.....

ahh.. wat can i say.. God Bless Me..

man im losing my voice.. i hv been shouting these days..
getting tensed.. for both choir and studies..
i hv too much to do..but she doesnt understand me..
i almost quarreled with her the other day..sighh
well i was a little harsh, guess she was also shocked... but i nvr regret telling her wat im going least she understands..
i hope so..

Mewah's Star is back! i dont noe wat u call it in eng but its a chinese singing competition..
used to be our skul's annual event.. but the last time we had it was in 2007..
heheeeee, gonna give it a try =p
my singing is nt up to standard yet, and i hv stage fright..
i sang solo once as a performance for a prize giving ceremony and i was shivering so let alone singing on a stage!
audition is on 4th June.. again, God Bless Me!~ wheee

went over to Bei's place fri night..
it was 11pm+ when we officially started revising for adMaths.. lol
Two is always Better than One.. in fact we learnt alot..
hmm do u call 2 chapters 'alot' ? if yes, then yeah...kindaa....xDD
u can hear us munching snacks and cracking heads at the same time..
3.30am was called supper..we ate 2 packs instant nooddles each.. o.o
cont with adMaths until 4.45am.. and our 5mins rest turned out to be a 2hours nap..zz
i got up around 7am and headed to skul at 8 for choir.. a without-rest practice for me until 12pm..
bck to bei's place and walked to church at 1pm..
then again to her house at 5pm, did maths, and BCK to church at 7pm..
service ends at 9.30pm and mamak with family until 11+....

there goes, my Saturday....


random: i fixed Ekey's correction tape.. x)



xuan.. said...

wahhhhh~~~u really very "buo ming" in ur study arrr=='''
no wonder u so tired during youth service....haha^^kath jie jie saw u doze off....gambateh ya =)

MidnightGurl said...

yeh she asked me also.. i told her i didnt slp the whole nite..
lol she said i ply too much nw hv to catch up with studies.... =x

thx xuann =))

HKK Jirokay said...

Joooooooooooooooooooojo~~you very GENG!!..Gambatik yea~~For ur Study~

MidnightGurl said...

ahahh rilek laaaa... im stil alive x)
yeahh will do, pray for me k =)


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